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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Holy Spirit on Mount Kinabalu

Holy Spirit On Mount Kinabalu. Shalom, on 5/06/2015, Malaysia, struck by earthquakes in the state. Understand, the whole country suffered a concussion especially in Sabah, scale 5.6 earthquake and, worst affected areas are in Ranau and Kundasang.

Most of the settlements in the region, such as damage to buildings, shops, mosques, police stations, the residential population in the vicinity.

The saddest news is, many climbers on Mount Kinabalu has been stuck on the mountain and 19 climbers have died as a result of falling rocks in the mountains. Most climbers are locals and from abroad.
Holy Spirit on Mount Kinabalu
The hero is a pilot mountain rescue.
While waiting for help to arrive, about one hundred more climbers were trapped in mountain areas and 19 climbers have died. Help arrived after 24 hours of the occurrence of an earthquake. Something that became the pride of climbers is the power to save all the pilot mountain climbers trapped by creating new routes to facilitate the climber down the mountain safely.

The pilot mountain is mostly coming from the area around Ranau and Kundasang. They are considered heroes by the entire world as willing to take on the climbers suffered injuries during the climbing down the mountain, the mountain pilots are willing to put their own body to avoid being trampled by hikers while slipping through new routes.

All climbers trapped on the mountain rode out of the mountain with the help of pilot mountain. This is a concern worldwide because most are trapped climbers come from abroad and also local climbers.
Pilot Mountain
Why earthquakes occur in this area?
According to the research department of meteorology, earthquake occurrence is normal and will occur daily worldwide earthquake. Even so, things happen in Ranau and Kuandasang is unusual because it is rare and most people of Sabah say it stems from the spirit of mountain Kinabalu, was angry because some climbers from other countries have done indecent things in the top of the mountain.

Most of the people in Sabah, especially of the Kadazan Dusun Murut (KDMR), believe, Mount Kinabalu is a sacred place and, they believe, the mountain is the resting place of every soul who died in Sabah and will be located in mountain areas Kinabalu pending court day arrives.
mount kinabalu
Advice to foreign climbers.
 Mount Kinabalu is a symbol of pride for all residents of the state, and we believe it is a sacred place and my advice, respect for the customs of the area, a guard sacred Mount Kinabalu. If anyone violates indigenous Kadazan Dusun Murut, (KDM), should apply 'sogit' (sacrifice) because, if anyone does not provide 'sogit', you'll be a disaster or an area that will suffer from adverse events.
After misconduct foreign climbers on the mountain top Kinabalu, 'Bobohizan' (the title of the main female shaman in the cultural traditions of the Kadazan-Dusun), predicted, there will be a disaster in the area and on 5/06/2015, the incident took place earthquakes in the Mount Kinabalu and 19 climbers have died. I feel saddened by this news because among the dead were children 12 years old and came from Singapore.
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  1. Deepest condolences to all affected.
    Prayers to the LORD to keep all safe in this 'trying' times.

  2. I hope someday this mountain can be climbed again. Many climbers have died on the mountain. RIP


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