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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cheater Lottery Syndicate

Cheater lottery syndicate. Shalom, I was intrigued by some of the tactics used by the scammers lottery syndicate in particular in Malaysia country. Their tactics are underhanded and planned, they can deceive many people in a day and can earn double profits every day.

Many people have become victims of this scam, but a victim of fraud shy to make a report at the police station as a result of their own foolish actions. Well, I'll reveal their tactics to deceive people.

Distribute leaflets about the greatness of Buddhist monks.
Through my observations, the syndicate will create a brochure and on the greatness of Buddhist monks to predict lottery numbers and get a big win. In the minutes of that, they will put a picture of Buddhist monks, the story of their success to help people. This brochure will be distributed in residential areas, parking areas and in stores lotteries.

Target people need money.
Maybe some people, when they see this brochure is an element of deception, but when a person really needs the money and the chance to look this article, they will be interested in this brochure and, quietly, they will deal with it without realizing, it was in the trap of this syndicate.
Cheater Lottery Syndicate

How they lure victims
When you make a phone call using the phone number listed in the leaflet, they would say, can help you, but with conditions, you have to provide some equipment for prayer, for use by Buddhist monks to pray, you will have good luck in the lottery and luck will improve.

Usually, you are required to provide the money to buy candles for use by Buddhist monks to prayer. At first, they will ask for some money and say, you must wait a few days to allow Buddhist monks to pray about your fate. The money should be put into the person's bank account.

In a few days, they will call you back and say, luck of your life, will improve and, by forecasts of Buddhist monks pray, your fate is seen by candlelight and the light grew brighter and Buddhist monks have to pray harder to find, Your lucky numbers. Even so, they say, the candles were purchased before this is not enough and you must provide greater wax to obtain your lottery numbers.

This is their tactic to deceive and, if you're obeying their wishes, you will continue to be deceived by their reason, Buddhist monks have worked hard to pray to know the fate and your lottery numbers and they are the main reason, prayer and candle equipment is insufficient for use by Buddhist monks to prayer.

In leaflets, the syndicate will put the address Buddha temple in the state of Kedah and they say, most Buddhist monks were from Thailand and have the power to pray very effective. I reveal their tactics because many have been fooled into this syndicate easy profit by using this method. I'm sharing this story is true and it is told by my friend that he had been duped by this syndicate.
Posted by mr geo Updated at: June 10, 2015

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