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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Can you Predict 4D?

Can you predict 4D? Shalom, I have long not to share this article on the blog. Well, I will share with you about, can you predict the lottery. Many players in this game believe they can predict the number lotteries, especially in the 4-digit lottery, in the next draw.

4D lotteries in Malaysia and Singapore, in contrast to the lotteries in other states. 4D lotteries here are very interesting because having twenty three numbers drawn and the prize consists of a main prize of RM 2,500, second prize RM 1,000, RM 500 Third, starter, RM 180, and, consolation prize of RM 60.

The mathematical probability
Before I write more about this, I will explain to you about the principles of mathematical probability. This principle pioneered by Gerolamo Cardano in 1501-1576 and subsequently recognized by mathematicians until now.

This principle is about the calculation of the mathematical probability that an event will happen again. For example, a coin. This money has two different surfaces, namely, the image (of the head) and numbers (tail).

If a coin is tossed once, the probability of obtaining images or figures is (1/2). If tossed ten times, you will get the results through the sample and you will see a pattern of decision. This means you can predict based on patterns.
Can you Predict 4D?

The mathematical probability of the lottery 4D.
The 4-digit lottery, have ten thousand number starting from number 0000 to 9999. How can you predict these numbers while, it is so much number? As I said in the previous article, predict the lottery must be based on a strategy and mathematical formulas.

If you already have a number of betting you must study the past through methods such as studying the mathematical probability, frequency distribution according to the monthly draw and year.

Calculations based on the frequency of monthly and year draw.
Betting numbers you must be calculated based on the monthly draw and years. For example, you make a bet on a draw last month in June 2015 Magnum 4D. This means, you bet numbers, must be calculated from 1985 to 2015 but the frequency calculation only in June.

If you have finished doing the calculations based on monthly frequency, you must perform a calculation based on the frequency of hits began in 1985 to 2015 (the number you bet). This means that if you've finished the calculations based on the frequency of monthly and year, the next step must be taken is, a mathematical calculation, what is the probability lottery betting numbers you will hit in June? In fact, the numbers are betting you will hit back through certain months, this means that you must know, what percentage of your choice numbers will hit in June.

To understand more clearly, you can read this article HowCalculate Your Percent 4D Prediction, 4D Prediction. Understand and know the number of bets have hit percentage for the month is very important to minimize the number of bets and betting pulled low percentage of probability to hit in the next draw.

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