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Monday, May 25, 2015

World's Greatest Blogger

World's greatest blogger. Recently I have read a few articles on some blogger wrote twenty-five to fifty a day writing. wow! it is very great and I always think how they do it. I believe the article was very difficult because there may be a normal human being is able to write an article about it.

Even so, it is true, they can write up to twenty-five entries every day. How do they do it? I can only write one to five articles per day, but it is very difficult to implement. I always wondered, how they can write an article about it in a day?

World's greatest blogger.
I always ask myself, do I can write an article about it in a day. My heart immediately says, you cannot afford to implement it. It, in fact, related to the effort for someone to do something. Did you know that the greatest blogger is a woman? The woman, whose name is Linda Ikeji and the millionaires in Nigeria. At the beginning of his involvement in the writing on the blog, Linda Ikeji  is just starting with a laptop and modem and strive day and night without being accompanied by any.

Through my reading, Linda Ikeji able to produce twenty-five articles every day and it is something very magical. But its efforts have been successful as recognized by most people in Nigeria and makes blogs so popular around the world, especially people in western countries.
 World's greatest blogger
Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji

She was interviewed by the BBC and made it increasingly popular. Did you know, Linda Ikeji has become a millionaire now? Some advertisers of the leading companies have placed ads on his blog, and they paid a heavy price. Linda Ikeji has also had AdSense account and it makes money through a blog income is increasing.

How to write 25 articles per day.
I actually have no idea or suggestion how to write 25 articles a day. If you work as a team, maybe you could write an article about it. If you work alone, it is very difficult to implement and only they, have the expertise to write could do it. Through my observations, Linda's Ikeji blog can now produce 40 articles every day, but it was actually written by several authors paid.

If you are a great blogger in your country, how many articles you can prepare a day? How do you think about a person's ability to write 25 articles each day? Maybe they are like a robot and I respect their abilities. They are my idols, though, very much longer I can match their ability.


I am writing this is to share all the blogger and I know some bloggers, definitely surprised by this article. I hope that you make this writing as the inspiration to write more articles every day and I wish you success in pursuing your ambitions as a professional blogger writer. If you are determined to try, you will earn extra income simply by writing a blog.

Before, I could hardly believe a blogger can write consistently five articles every day but, when I read an article about writing Linda Ikeji could reach twenty-five articles every day, at the beginning of his involvement in writing the blog, I think she is one of the world's greatest blogger.
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