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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why Your Blog not Accepted By Adsense

SHALLOM, entry this time was about, why your blog not accepted by AdSense. Many bloggers frustrated because they have a lot of time to appeal but, always rejected. Why? AdSense has every reason to reject your application. Here, I will describe some of the reasons they reject you and I hope this article will inspire you to create a blog easily accepted.

Before I explain the reasons for your blog is not accepted by AdSense, I want to share with you the experience of the application accepted by AdSense. In fact, my blog is still new, and was created in January 2015. Prior to this, I have read numerous tips on how easily accepted by AdSense.

When I had to understand tips provided by the author, blogger, I wrote twenty-entry within twenty days. Writing my own idea is one hundred percent and the number of words between three hundred to five hundred. On entry into twenty, I had applied for AdSense to my blog and within two days they had approved my application.

Why Your Blog not Accepted By Adsense
As I said earlier, AdSense has many reasons to reject the application for your blog. I will explain some reason your blog may not be accepted by them.

Writing copy paste from other people's blogs.
Google AdSense, very concerned about the quality of the article. Writing must be one hundred percent is your original writing. If you write a blog, copy and paste from the writing of others, it violates the terms and conditions and google, your article will be kicked away and AdSense will fully push your blog. They just want the original writing. If your blog does this, stop immediately, remove article contains a copy paste and start writing your own ideas.

The number of words to write too little.
In fact, Google does not set the number of words in a writing on the blog, but at least more than three hundred words in one article. Even so, if your blog already has a lot of fine writing or writing for more than five hundred words, no offense if it has only a few articles written word too little number. The amount of words best writing is among five hundred to two thousand five hundred.

Blog disabled / under construction.
If your blog / website are still not fully ready, do not do AdSense application because your application will be rejected one hundred percent. They does not like the blog is still under construction. It means, the number of articles in the blog too little, has no basis in the blog as 'contact form, privacy policy and about me.'

Violates these terms and conditions AdSense.
AdSense put stringent conditions to their publisher. Even so, this requirement is still relevant and aims to maintain the quality of an AdSense as world number one advertiser. Tips, are easy to understand, if you manage to produce quality content, AdSense is for you. Google has set some conditions such as written in the AdSense program policies and your blog if you do not meet the conditions set, the harder your application for approval.

Not enough traffic blog.
If your blog has reached six months or more, the blog must have traffic and the number of content writing must have been sufficient. If the period of this blog you still do not have fixed traffic and AdSense application, most likely, your application will be rejected with reasons have less traffic. The best way to apply for AdSense is your blog has achieved some of its own ideas through writing and you must make the application.

There is no other way to be easily accepted by AdSense but you must produce quality writing and ideas of your own. Tell them who you are and honesty is very liked by AdSense. Before making an application, make sure you understand the terms stipulated, check back blog / website belongs to you and ask yourself, would you have been eligible to apply or not a violation of the terms and conditions. I hope, this paper a little help understanding of the causes of the blog is not accepted by Google AdSense. If you have any questions, please leave your message below and I will try to help.
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