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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why you Don't Win the Lottery

Why you don't win the lottery. Each time lottery draws everyone hopes, will win a prize at stake numbers first place. I want to ask you all, how long have you played lotteries, three years? Ten years? How much money you earn the most victory? In fact, many people were disappointed for not winning the lottery has long invested. Where errors occur? Well, I will try to explain why you do not win the lottery based on logical answer.

Hoping for good luck.
I do not deny, someone wins the lottery games influenced by luck. Some people have luck in the lottery games, but if you have to invest some time in the game of lottery and never won any prize from the lottery, I suggest you play the lottery in accordance with the strategy. Lottery machines can only be defeated with the strategy, even so, if you have the wrong strategy, you will lose a lot of money.

Playing too many numbers
As I said before, the lottery machine defeated only through a specific strategy. But if you've made this rule, play too many numbers and you just pick numbers based on intuition. In this way cause you to lose a lot of money, immediately stop playing with this method because you will go to bankruptcy. Play a lot of numbers in the betting must be accompanied by a strategy.
Why you Don't Win the Lottery

Error code reading.
Lottery agencies in Malaysia have put some code or tips on lottery tickets. This is their strategy to make the game more exciting lotteries in Malaysia and the public loves to play with this lottery. Actually putting the code lottery ticket was also conducted by many agencies worldwide lotteries. To learn about these codes, you should see and study this code in many draws. Most investors forecast numbers, error code reading and they will run out of a lot of money through this method.

Make big bets, but inconsistent.
I do not blame you play this way, but if you make a big bet, but you play with a different number each time the draw, you are on the wrong path because the probability of getting a victory are slim. According to the logic, if the bets do with the large amount of money, you must consistently play betting numbers because the probability you get a big win in the betting is high.

Wrong mathematical calculations.
 Many investors are trying to create a formula to fight the lottery machine, for example by means of charts, created a mathematical formula rather than through law and so they lost on the way. Lottery results drawn through mathematical methods. This means, you must create a formula based on mathematical principles and not by violating the principle of mathematical formulas.

Lotteries created for you defeat if you play wrong strategy. The principle is very simple, play consistently and do not expect tomorrow is your victory. Playing numbers are like an investment, but remember, you must be consistent with the number you bet. If you do not consistently the way you play, this means you have to gamble your fate. Well, this is only my writing at this time, I am writing this not only Malaysia but are global. Hope to see you again in the next entry. Have a nice day.
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