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Sunday, May 24, 2015

What is Debit Card and How to Use It

What is debit card and how to use it. Through my research, many Malaysians still do not understand what is the debit card and whether its use in everyday life. You must understand credit cards, ATM cards and debit cards because they have different functions, but uses almost the same.

The debit card has its own advantages and disadvantages and due consideration must be taken to prevent loss to himself. In Malaysia, almost all supermarkets and stores have service purchases with a debit card.

What is a debit card
A debit card is similar to the function of ATM cards, but debit cards can be used to buy in the supermarket or any shop using the service to purchase goods via debit card. In addition, the card can be used for online purchases, for example, you can buy goods using debit cards to make purchases of goods such as shopping at online sites such as eBay, Amazon.com and others.

Even so, if you make a purchase, throughout the country, you should register your card in a bank to obtain access to overseas purchases.
What is Debit Card and How to Use It
Each bank has a different procedure of cutting charges, purchases and withdrawals. Some banks will charge a little expensive if someone withdraws money through debit cards as these cards are more suitable for online purchases such as buying goods in the supermarket or refuel a car at the petrol station.

How to use debit cards.
Anyone can use a debit card, and very easy to use. If you have this card, you do not need to spend money to go shopping at the supermarket. You can use a debit card, but make sure your debit card has sufficient balance of the debit card because the money is yours. If bought in the supermarket, you are only given a debit card to cashier at the counter and they will process payments online. The balance of the debit card will be automatically deducted.

If they make a purchase through the website shopping, you simply enter the details of a debit card and the bank will deduct your money online.

How do I get a debit card.

How very easy, you just go to the nearest bank and went to the counter, asked for a queue number and wait your turn numbers called. If your queue number is called, go to the counter and tell the staff on duty, you want to change your ATM cards to debit cards. Often they will impose exchange charges some cards but not all banks will charge. It depends on each bank procedure.

This is a simple description of a debit card. I hope you fully understand the use of a debit card if you still have questions, you can leave your comments and I hope that can help you. Use a debit card for use only important because if you cannot control the use of the balance of the debit card will quickly run out and it will hurt you because it is your own money.
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