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Friday, May 15, 2015

What is a Debit Advice in Maybank2u

What is a debit advice in Maybank2u. Many people wonder about the cutting of their money through the account without any explanation of any party or bank in advance. Some of you, anger, feeling cheated and unhappy about the money in the account suddenly disappeared. Wait... maybe you read this paper before you get angry with anyone. This explanation might be able to answer your question.

Debt advice in maybank2u.
Well, I will share the experience of losing money in bank accounts. On 15/05/2015 I have checked the balance accounted maybank2u me through the website. I was surprised because today has a transaction in my account of RM 162 and the transaction was named "debit advice". I feel unhappy and angry because I lost my money without my knowledge. I immediately made a call on its hotline at 1-300-88-6688 Maybank.

I was furious with this line because every time I make a call, it was answered by the auto operator '' all our employees are busy and the number of calls is high, please leave a message or press one to wait. '' My phone credit was exhausted almost RM 15 because just wanted to call the hotline Maybank. The bank may have to change their system to make it more customer-friendly.

Maybank employee information through hotlines
Finally, I spoke with officials through the hotline and I immediately asked about cutting the money to my account by RM 162, after the card verification process is carried out, the officials said the cuts 'debit advice' in my account because my credit card was not paid during the month and the The bank has cut rm 162 directly into my account. Finally, I know the answer, but why the bank has cut the money into my account while I still did not get the latest bill to my address?

Maybank officials say one reason for cutting 'debit advice' in someone's account, may be cut from the insurance if we have applied any insurance policy or making purchases online, the fees charged by the bank as a customer may have applied billing through correspondence, annual payment cards, limits production, have released the money for more than three times a day, and much more.

If you are in any doubt about cutting money suddenly and status' debit advice, please contact your nearest bank or contact the hotline at them and maybe they'll give you the answer. Well, this is my partnership with 'debit advice' maybank2u and I hope if you are experiencing the same situation as I am, writing this answer can lose your money in the accounts of a sudden.
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