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Saturday, May 30, 2015

What is Bounce Rate and Interests

What is bounce rate and interests. Shalom, in writing my article this time is about understanding the bounce rate and interest to the blog / website.

This knowledge is important to know the extent to which visitors come to your blog and they actually responded without you realizing it and bounce rate to determine the quality content in your blog or vice versa. If your blog has a very high bounce rate, it is very dangerous and likely your blog will be marginalized by google.

What is bounce rate.
Through my readings of several articles on the net, bounce rate is the relevance of your articles on your blog or website.

If a visitor comes to your blog and just read about an article and continue to leave your blog without reading another article, this blog will harm you and cause you to bounce rate increases.

This means, it is not good in the eyes of google as your article seems not quality. Bounce rate will decrease if the visitors will come to your blog should look for other articles on your blog.

How many bounces the best rate.
The actual bounce rate calculation is like this. If a visitor comes to your blog every day is the 50 visitor and page view number is 75. The calculation is 50/70 = 66%. This means that your blog is bounce rate of 66%.

Imagine, visitors to your blog every day are 50 visitors and pageviews number is 200. The calculation is 50/200 = 0.25%. Estimates visitors view your articles are a total of 4 articles. This means that the total amount of your blog bounce rate will decrease and it is seen as a quality blog on google eyes.
What is Bounce Rate and Interests

It is in accordance with the number of your articles and the number of visitors to the blog every day. Through some expert bloggers, good bounce rate calculated is less than twenty-one percent and, bounce rate seen dangerous to blog is a website doesn't exceed forty percent. If this happens with your blog, you should completely revamp and strive to produce the articles interesting and helpful to the reader.

How to view the bounce rates.
My previous blog bounce rate reaches the rate of 17%, but since recently, my blog bounce rate rates have increased by 25%. This means that I have to do the writing with more relevant and of quality. How to percent bounce rate of your blog? To view the bounce rate, go to the Google Analytics website and you will know the rates. Make sure you have registered on the website concerned and your blog has linked to Google Analytics.

This is a brief explainer me about bounce rate and interest to your blog. How to reduce the bounce rate is, install the site map on the blog, post articles related to writing quality articles, blog template for light, and page navigation design is a good blog, use the font and color of the eyes of visitors comfortable and many others. If you have any questions about this article, you can leave a comment here.

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