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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Top, Buy a Domain Name in Malaysia

Top, buy a domain name in Malaysia. SHALLOM, I want to share with you how to buy a domain name for a blog / website, and the company is popular in Malaysia. Most bloggers in Malaysia and myself bought the domain name of their company.

Why I recommend this company? Purchase a domain name and setting 'DNS' 'RECORD A' and 'CNAME' for the blog, very easy. If you are still confused for domain name registration blog / website, you can continue to ask for help from their stuff online.

The experience of buying a domain name
Before this, I had to register a domain name for my blog in a few hosting companies and domain name abroad but I have problems registering. I feel their way is very difficult and not customer friendly.

Imagine, I was able to register, but they said I made a mistake setup 'DNS' 'RECORD A' and 'CNAME' and they return my money and my account has been canceled. I was very disappointed with their service because of cancelling my account, to your knowledge blog theme design and domain name have been designed in accordance with my choice.

If the domain name has been canceled, I no longer eager to write because my choice domain name is difficult to be obtained and they say, if you want to retrieve the domain name is revoked, I have to make a formal letter and send credit card information, and a copy of identity to the company. I decided not to entertain their request and try to find a domain name company in Malaysia.
Top, Buy a Domain Name in Malaysia

Buy domain name in NetKL Malaysia.
When I searched the internet domain name company in Malaysia, I have found this company and try to register a domain name for my blog. I was very excited because the registration process takes only a short time and their staff have helped me in the process of registration. You can communicate with staff through English or Malay language.

So you see, this company operates in Malaysia since 2004 and become the number one choice of users in Malaysia. The company provides web hosting services and domain name. Users worldwide can use this service. In Southeast Asia, the company has had four thousand more users and you do not have to worry about their credibility as a hosting provider and domain name.

How to buy a domain name at
To buy a domain name for your blog, go to their website, register yourself as an expert, and when this process is completed, click the button and find domain domain name of your choice. If the domain name of your choice is available, click the button Oder. Follow the steps recommended to make the payment.

If you have managed to make the payment and did not know for setting 'DNS' 'RECORD A' and 'CNAME' to blog, requesting help with a 24-hour staff via the button 'submit a ticket' and they will help you with installation fees RM 3. If want to buy a domain name for your blog, go to the link below to register and purchase.
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