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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Things to do in Labuan Island, Malaysia

Things to do in Labuan Island, Malaysia. Labuan Island is a duty-free island is well known both in Malaysia. The island has its own charm and is not the same as the other islands.

The island has a population of approximately 85, 272 people. This island is the island's oil and gas industry. have you ever lived on this island? I've lived on this island, about almost three years.

Things to do on Labuan Island
If you want to come to the island on the basis of working or you already live here, what matters most fun you doing here? If you do not know what to do on the island, you will find it very boring once lived on the island.

The island is very small and if you use the car to go around the island only takes about an hour. If you want to go to the mainland (Menumbok) takes thirty minutes by speedboat and takes about two hours if you take the ro-ro ferry.

Activities of things to do with Labuan Island
Well, I will share with you some tips on what activities to do on the island.
Labuan Map

Jogging activities
The first tips I share with you are jogging. The island has several places to do physical activity include Botanical Garden. These exercises are very peaceful place as full of trees, flowers, decorations, fish ponds and the place are always visited by many people every day in the morning and evening.

The second place you can visit the sports complex is in Labuan, this place has a mini stadium and you can jog here. many people do exercise activities here like to play Futsal, badminton, football, Takraw, netball, tennis and exercise gym. the more people will visit this place in the evening.

Recreational activities 
On weekends, you can do recreational activities like BBQ on the beach with friends and family. You can also shower in coastal areas. popular places to conduct such activities are Manikar Beach, Kite Beach Kite Beach, UMS and Navy Beach. This place visited by the public on weekends.

Visit the entertainment center
If you love entertainment, the island has a lot of entertainment and was visited by many people from the peninsula, Sabah and Brunei country. the majority of workers in this amusement center is derived from Philippine and locals. So this entry is written, the most popular entertainment center of the island is Beyond 2000, Popin, Galaxy, Havoc, Blue River and King. even so, there are many other entertainment centers visited by many people.

Fishing activities
If you are interested to visit the entertainment center, you can still do other activities such as fishing. The island is surrounded by the sea, a lot of places for you to fish for example, in the area near the Ferry Terminal Express, Sea Sports Complex beach area, close to the harbor, river at road Kinabenua and much more.

See the sunset
Did you know this island has a very beautiful view in the evening? Looks beautiful view during the sun will set and can be observed in coastal areas Layang-Layang, UMS beach, Tanjung Purun. You can come to the region with a camera and with friends or family.


There are many things you can do on the island. While life on the island is boring, you can still adjust and gradually you will be happy to live here. You can still visit the mall in these financial Sorensen, visiting historic places such as Peace War, Surrender Point, visit the Bird Park, Marine Museum and many other attractions in Labuan.
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