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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Secret Tips Roach Killer in the House

Secret tips roach killer in the house. SHALLOM... I want to share with you about a very helpful tips for everyone. This is the secret tips on how to overcome the problem of cockroaches in your home. I'm writing this post because I have tried it myself and it was effective. Cockroaches in my home, have lost everything without using toxic or roach killer spray. Before this, my house was filled with many cockroaches, this may be because my house near the forest.

Source cockroaches live in your home.
Why cockroaches live in your home? My experience during the fight with cockroaches, cockroach come into your home because your home and do not have food stored in a safe place or you do not clean up leftover food in the house. This causes, will invite many cockroaches into your home to look for food. Cockroaches have a sense of smell very similar to a fly. Therefore, my advice after you eat in your home, immediately clean your house by removing the leftovers.

The second source of cockroach come into your home because your home is close to the forest. Forest is the original home of cockroaches, but cockroaches will come to your home to seek food and loved the area dry. When many cockroaches come to your house, it is a nightmare for your family, especially your wife and daughter. Clean the area around your home to reduce the number of cockroaches in your home.
Secret Tips Roach Killer in the House

Secrets of natural killer cockroaches.
In fact, these tips are my own ideas. I have tried this idea, when I was young and aged between three or four years. At the time, behind my house has a forest area and a lot of cockroaches come to our home until the walls of my house full of cockroaches. My father has used many types of poison and spray to kill cockroaches, but did not manage to kill all the cockroaches.

On one day, I along with my friend, was playing in the wooden fence of the house of my friends. While playing, I had stumbled upon some tail gecko on the cracks of the fence (Hause gecko). Me and my friend, have managed to capture six geckos. At the same time, I've got an idea to solve the problem of cockroaches in my house. Six tail gecko was arrested, I miss my home area. Believe it, in less than a month, cockroaches live in the house I was lost in my house. Great, the gecko is the secret weapon the killer cockroaches.

Very difficult to kill cockroaches entire colon. You have to kill a roach soon come to your house because they can carry diseases and contaminate your food. The most effective way to destroy the clone cockroaches are releasing some piece gecko in your home. I'll bet with you, your home will be free of interference cockroaches. So only sharing my tips at this time, if you have other tips for troubleshooting cockroaches in the house, please share it with other readers here.
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