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Friday, May 8, 2015

Secret Health Benefits of Ginger

Secret health benefits of ginger. Many looking ginger is good for the human body. Ginger is very popular for use in everyday cooking.

Ginger will be mixed with cooked, such as soups, meat cooked ginger, fish cooked with ginger to make dishes appetizing aroma. Some people make ginger juice as a health drink. In medicine, ginger plays an important role in overcoming some human diseases.

Health benefits of ginger. 
Before debating the health benefits of ginger, we must determine whether the content of ginger. Ginger contains 1) amino acids, 2) gingerols, 3) oleoresin, 4) essential oil, 5) water, 6) carbohydrate, 7) fiber, 8) of potassium, 9) the phosphorus, 10) for calcium, 11) energy, 12) protein, 13) fiber, 14) of niacin, 15) essential oil, 16) of vitamin A, 17), vitamin B 18), vitamin C, 19) fat 20) organic acids.

Benefits of ginger.
Ginger has many benefits are still unknown, but the man knows ginger good for

Reduce morning sickness.
Many pregnant women have complications such as 'morning sickness' and this makes it feel comfortable as nausea, dizziness, poor appetite, abdominal discomfort, and so on. Ginger can solve this problem as much as a 75% chance to heal.
Secret Health Benefits of Ginger

Strengthen immunity.
Ginger decision will strengthen the body's immune system. If you take a bit of ginger every day, you can reduce the risk of stroke by preventing fat inherent in artery. Bacteria infection in the stomach can be reduced by taking ginger. In addition, ginger can also relieve cough and itching in the throat.

Restore drunk on the way. 
If we ride on a long journey or boarding a ship, some people will feel dizzy and nausea due to travel far and exhausting. Taking ginger can reduce feelings of nausea and motion sickness.

Maintain normal blood circulation.
Ginger contains some good content to maintain blood circulation chromium, magnesium and zinc. It also helps overcome the cold and excessive sweating and fever.

Controlling breathing problems.
Ginger can help launch a common respiratory problems like cough, and it can develop lung to dilute phlegm. It can help you launch respiratory problems.

Ginger as an anti-inflammatory agent. 
Ginger is very nice and well-known as a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Ovarian cancer treatment.
Ginger can help fight and kill ovarian cancer cells.

Prevent stomach discomfort. 
Flatulence, abdominal entered the wind, stomach pain can be overcome by taking ginger. It also aids in digestion and absorption of food.

Prevent colon cancer.
 In some studies at the University of Minnesota, one of the study's findings, ginger may slow the growth of cancer cells colorectal / colon.

Prevention of colds and fever.
Over the years, ginger is best known as a treatment to prevent colds and fever. Some studies at the University of Maryland Medical Center found that, providing treatment of influenza for adults is two tablespoons of minced ginger and cut into slices. Soak in a glass of hot water and drink two to three glasses a day.

Ginger can burn fat.
In southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, ginger is known to use as burn excess fat. Malaysia many market, sell ginger cream to deflate the stomach and excess fat.

Ginger oil to massage the body. 
Ginger oil is used to massage the body and relieve joint pain. Be sure to use ordinary ginger oil and make sure not mistaken use ginger oil (ginger coal), as ginger is very hot and can hurt your skin.

Ginger is a natural source and has many benefits for mankind. Ginger is widely grown in Asian countries such as India ,Nepal, China, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, and Indonesia. In industry, India and China is the country's largest producer of ginger.
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