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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Identify Symptoms of Depression

Identify symptoms of depression. SHALLOM, for all of you. Writing at this time is about how to identify signs of depression occur to a person.

Before I do the reading of the signs of depression, I always wondered within myself, why is it the occurrence of depression and depressive symptoms. I would like to share with you on this topic of knowledge and are willing to fight the symptoms of depression.

Symptoms of depression.
Depression is a disease of sadness, disappointment, despair, fear and disrupt a person's emotions. If the disease is not controlled, it will get worse and if allowed to persist, the patient is likely to become more severe psychotic or suicidal patients.

If you or a friend, a family deal with this problem, counseling treatment should be done immediately to prevent bad things will happen. Among the signs of depression are,

- You may experience physical symptoms such as joint pain, headache, back pain, nausea and digestive problems.
Symptoms of Depression

- Some people are too dependent on certain drugs such as alcohol and lured by drugs.

- Concentration in the course of one's life, in the workplace will be reduced and having trouble when making decisions.

- Will show irritability with anyone and always careful not feel at ease

- Felt himself no longer means "I die, the better" (it is not necessarily to kill yourself, but think of "better, I die"), in spite of it, the patient will be less likely to commit suicide if left untreated.

- Always thinking bad event has occurred and blamed himself

- Before these, very active on a hobby and fun activity but suddenly disappears mood all popular activities.

- Always despairing / hopeless and lost the spirit to live life.

- Will behave introverted, sensitive and often isolate themselves with everyone.

- Will lose the appetite to eat or appetite will grow and eat food with a lot of.

- Loss of energy / fatigue.

- Always oversleeping / likes to sleep or not sleep during sleep (sleep disorders).

- Always feel lonely, life feels empty, heartache and grief prolonged.

Cause depression.
In fact, in this life, many reasons a person will have problems with mental depression. Most people suffer from this problem and not treated immediately will end up in a mental hospital (insane). Through studies and my reading through some reference, a source of depression is having problems,

1) Have been adverse events and cause a person to have trauma of the event, such as a sudden death of a loved one, such as wife, children, mother, father or lover. The patient does not accept the beloved has died. In addition, women have been the victims of rape and feel dignity has been lost due raped without consent.

2) A person has experienced a severe and prolonged illness or has suffered permanent and difficult to treat. This causes patients to lose the ability to devote to his family (spouse / family member).

3) A person has had major problems in her life and it was difficult to overcome the problem and has become a burden in his life. For example, failure in career, business, or the collapse of marriage.

4) Some women experience during menstruation, early pregnancy or periods of menopause, she may be suffering from depression, although not seriously. If it became protracted, it will be a matter of serious depression.

How to overcome depression
If you have signs such as mentioned above, try to resolve as soon as possible, for example, with specialist counselling, specialist psychiatric patients or consult with someone trustworthy.

If you have faith, pray for the peace of mind. No matter what your religion, prayer will soothe one's soul, because prayer is talking with your feelings and your god. It will soothe your soul and relieve feelings of depression.

Think of your loved ones such as children, wife / husband or your family. Then, you have a great responsibility to your family. If you treat your feelings to fall into depression. Your life will be destroyed and it will affect your family.

Some people say, if you want to cry, cry is to reduce choked on your chest. However, avoid it for sobbed as tears like this will be heard by your feelings, and it's not good for your spirit.


I hope this paper is to help yourself and you know how to deal with depression. Tips Here, I get the results of my reading about depression. If you have other tips to share, please leave your comments here. I welcome all your attention to this writing. Hope to see you again in the next entry.
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