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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How to Use Charts Mkt 4D

How to use charts Mkt 4D. If you do not see my blog in the Malaysian language, maybe you do not know how to use charts Mkt. These charts have I encountered in my research several years ago and has given quite good results when studying specific patterns.

This chart is generated from the mathematical probability calculations and not a magic formula such as charts 4D many experts out there.

Learn how to use charts Mkt 4D
As I said earlier, this chart is calculated based on mathematical calculations. How do I get this chart? This chart is obtained by analysis of previous results and require calculation and focus on getting the best chart. even so, we can only set the appropriate strategy because we are opposed to mechanical machinery and predictions is very difficult to expect.

Mechanical voting machine to forecast the results of such Singapore pools 4D, Sport toto Malaysia, magnum 4D, Damacai, Sabah 88, STC and, Sarawak cash sweep has been created by man is a machine. These machines are our enemies and to defeat it we must prepare ourselves in terms of experience, analysis, graph, chart, figure study history, probability distributions and mathematical calculations. This is our weapon to encourage the machine's mechanical.

Mkt charts 4D guide
Well, without wasting time I will teach you to use the chart 4D Mkt
The above chart is a short extract Mkt 4D 25.03.2015. This is a chart Mkt was recorded. To conduct research and analysis of this chart, you have to keep to yourself because the charts were not previously recorded.
See photo above and the photo is the decision Magnum, Toto and DaMacai draw 25/03/2015. Note that the pattern of variation arises and to hit on a draw. you just suggested to follow the pattern suggested. even so, there are times when the pattern is not as expected, but the frequency of the beat pattern to the next draw is high.


Chart Example: (x0x) You can add to 000

(Charts will be like this.)

Shown below are the most common pattern hit every time the draw. Use only the recommended patterns to reduce your investment income. You must focus 100% to identify and select a number in the chart.
For safe measure, make a purchase point betting system (iperm, ibox, ipau). To alert once again to you, this chart is calculated based on mathematical analysis. Use this chart at your own risk and we shall not be responsible for the accuracy and reliability of this chart.
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  1. i would like to learn how to create or build the mkt chart like yours above.. i want to know, where u taked the numbers from the chart above.
    i hope u can teach me more detail.. thank a lot.
    [email protected]


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