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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to Make Ginger Oil at Home

How to make ginger oil at home. SHALLOM, entry this time is, I want to teach you to make ginger oil at home.

Ginger oil has many benefits to humans as to massage sore joints, headaches and so on. If someone is having pain in the joints throughout the body, it is good to do a massage with ginger oil. In southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, ginger oil is well known to deflate excess fat in the abdomen and waist.

Make ginger oil at home.
In fact, to make ginger oil is not as difficult as you might think, preparation for making ginger oil itself is very easy and you can do only at home. Even so, if you place hard to get ginger, it might be a problem for you, but I feel all parts of the world has a supply of ginger to the needs of society.
preparation of materials for making ginger oil

- A few pieces of ginger
- Olive oil
- Blender / stone pestle
- Small bottles

How to make ginger oil.
Preparation of materials very easy and simple. Everyone can prepare these materials. Well, without wasting time, first you must do is, wash ginger, with water. This is to ensure no land attached to the surface of the ginger.

Next, we will destroy the ginger using a blender or with a stone pestle. Both devices can be used depending on you to make a choice. Before you want to crush ginger, make sure to burn the first gas ginger in your cooking. Make sure during baking ginger, not burned.
Ginger Oil
This ginger burns to increase the aroma and it is the secret to making ginger oil. Next, ginger, crushed using a blender or mashed to a pulp. If you have completed this section, the input ginger pounded or blended into a small bottle and pour the olive oil into the bottle and shake until well blended. Done! You have successfully completed the ginger oil and ready for use.


Ginger has many uses, especially in cooking and for medicinal purposes. If you have any questions for the preparation of these materials, please leave messages here or you also share how the provision of ginger oil in your state or country. Ways of providing every community around the world to make ginger oil are different and not the same. So far only writing this time, hope to see you again with the entry will Dalton. and can also read my writing about secret health benefits of ginger.
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