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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

How to drive traffic to your blog. SHALLOM, entry this time is on, how do you get traffic to your blog through keyword searches on your own blog.

All bloggers need traffic or visitors to their blog. If your blog does not have any visitors, your blog is like a deserted and abandoned for years. Your blog must have visitors to give you a passion for writing.

How to drive traffic to your blog.
Before I explain my way to get traffic to my blog, I want to ask you how you drive traffic to your blog? In fact, many ways to drive traffic to your blog. This way I encountered during my first blog post, when I tried this way, and it was successful. Because it is successful, I want to share with you for our mutual benefit.

Get blog traffic with search keyword.
Very easy to do and you will understand this trick. Go to your blog dashboard, click the button ''overview'' and then click ''more stats'' and click ''traffic sources'' , and see the section 
"Search Keywords". You will see the keywords by the visitors and it refers to your blog. In fact, this keyword is acquired by visitors through search results and keywords have on your blog.

If you get keywords from '' Keyword search '', create a new topic writing through keywords. For example, see the keyword as the example below, the keyword this is my guide to new writing. These are the keywords I get from visitors to my blog on 14/05/2015.
How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
I have been practicing this a few months ago and it has brought me acquire new visitors coming to my blog. In fact, I'm still new to blogging and many things still have not learned. At the moment, I'm trying to dominate the writing of the blog and earn titles in Keyword Planner and Google Webmaster.

In my opinion, you must write through SEO techniques and use keywords often searched by the public. If you do not use this method, your blog will have few visitors and this will cause you to lose enthusiasm for writing. I would also like you, still learning about blogging, if you have more useful tips, please share it here for the benefit of us all.
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