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Monday, May 25, 2015

How to Buy PTPTN Pin Number

How to buy PTPTN pin number. SHALLOM, I teach you how to buyPTPTN pin numbers correct way. I know many students wonder how to purchase this pin. In fact, to buy pin has two different ways. During my studies in the Open University (OUM), I have the experience of buying this pin as to finance my studies.

How to buy PTPTN pin number
As I said, to get the pin number and have bought two different ways. The first way is through an ATM machine at a bank

BSN. Enter your ATM card, select language, enter the pin number (password), select another matter, and select the menu buying UPU / PIN  PTPTN, enter the identification number and the total cost will be displayed.

If you've made a payment, a receipt will be generated out PTPTN pin. This means, you can open PTPTN website and can perform online application.
How to Buy PTPTN Pin Number

The second way is to visit the bank BSN. Take your queue number and fill out the form provided. Or you can continue to fill out the form and go to a special counter, pin numbers and make payments. If you have to queue number, tell the staff on duty, you want to buy PTPTN pin numbers. They will process your request and charged RM 5. If you have finished getting the pin number, you can do PTPTN application on their website.

To alert yourself, store pin numbers PTPTN to be safe because if a receipt is left out, it would harm you because, perhaps pin numbers will fall into the hands of third parties and their use of the pin is not good to use, for example, commit fraud on your account.


This description is based on my own experience when buying pin numbers PTPTN to study at the Open University a few years ago. If you have an easier way to get a pin number or a new method to obtain pin numbers, I hope you can share in the comments below. I hope this paper provides benefits to you and if you pass in the application PTPTN, I hope you have to study hard because the loan amount is not a small amount and you must pay back after graduation.
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