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Thursday, May 28, 2015

How to Apply Credit Card in Malaysia

How to apply credit card in Malaysia. Shalom, in this brief article is about how to apply for credit cards in Malaysia. Credit cards are very important in case of emergency, for example, happen, need money immediately. Even so, be careful using credit cards, because if you use one, you have credit card debt problems. Most local banks have credit card facilities and can be applied by all Malaysians.

Documents needed to apply for credit cards
If you want to apply for a credit card, you can visit any of the local banks such as Maybank, Public Bank, RHB Bank, BSN, Citibank and many others.

Before going to the bank, be sure to provide the necessary documents such as payslips for the last three months, a copy of the identity card and a letter of the employer. If the document was prepared, bring the document to the bank of your choice and ask at the information booth on how to apply for credit cards.

How to Apply Credit Card in Malaysia
Credit Card
Will usually, they will give you their registration number and wait until your number is called. When you turn the numbers were called, went to the counter and tell the bank staff, you want to apply for credit cards. They'll see your documents and if necessary complete document, they will process your application. Do not forget to ask, how do they send the credit card and procedures for activation.

Eligibility to apply for credit cards
Through the best of my knowledge, if you apply for a credit card through local banks, you must be a citizen of Malaysia. In addition, you must have a permanent job, salary slips and most importantly, your salary must be adequate and have no record of 'black list' of state banks. Eligibility for salary depends on each bank procedure. If you have a high salary amount, eligibility for credit cards is high.

How credit card acceptance.
How credit card acceptance procedures of local banks vary. If your credit card application is approved, they will send you a credit card at your home address along with pin credit card activation. Even so, sometimes the activation pin credit cards are not sent along with credit cards. It will be sent separately for security reasons. If you have received your credit card, you must make a call to the bank to apply for your credit card activation.

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