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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Head Lice Removal Recommendations

Head lice removal recommendations. SHALLOM, writing at this time is how to eliminate head lice in the hair. Someone suffering from this problem will face the pressure and if your friends find out you're having this problem, they will try to stay away from you. This will cause you to suffer from depression if not dealt with immediately. Before your friends find out you're having trouble in head lice, you should be addressed promptly.

Head lice removal with special comb.
Head lice live in the hair is a nightmare for everyone. You need to overcome as soon as possible to prevent deterioration or your scalp will be scratched with a nail wound because fleas and itching of the head, will bite into the wound worse. Effective and popular method to overcome this problem by using a special comb. If you use a special comb to remove head lice, it will stick in the crevices of the comb and makes it easy to kill head lice.

How to use a special comb are, beat his head down and position your body in a sitting position. Make sure the floor or mat is placed in the area to comb your hair brightly colored or white. This is to ensure that ticks fall from the head, can be killed. In the case of head bowed to the floor, you must comb the hair starting from the nape to the front of the hair slowly repeated. Kill all the lice fell on the floor and also the egg. Do not let the life of head lice because it will try to shoot your head again.
Head lice removal with special comb

Head lice removal with special lotion.
Some people prefer to find an alternative soon by visiting the pharmacy to buy a medicine eraser head lice. In fact, drugs in pharmacies can kill head lice but are not able to kill the lice eggs in the head. You should use this medication for seven to nine days to make sure the lice on the head really died.
Head lice medication at the pharmacy will cause some side effects such as scalp will be hot and this will endanger the health of the hair and scalp. Avoid using pharmaceutical drugs to your children to overcome fear of acquiring head lice because the side effects are bad for health.

Another alternative to killing head lice

Shave head.
The most effective way to address the problem of head lice is to cut the hair short or bald. This way it will prevent head lice to breed more. If you shave your head, hair lice problems will be fixed soon.

Coconut oil.
Oil well to overcome the problem of head lice. Before bed, put oil on your hair and cover with the whole of your hair with a cloth. Let it overnight and wash hair thoroughly. Make sure that no oil remains in the hair.

With regular shampoo head.
Whenever bathing, practice using shampoo to clean your hair. Lice will die if you frequently wash their hair with shampoo.

White vinegar.
White vinegar is often used in cooking. White vinegar is also very nice to deal with head lice. Even so, white vinegar can not kill head lice, but may release the clutch head lice eggs attached to the hair shaft. White vinegar is also good to clean the scalp and dirt because it contains antiseptic. Wet your hair with white vinegar and cover with a shower cap. Leave in thirty minutes and comb your hair with a special comb. Head lice eggs will fall and repeat until missing.

This article is about how to eradicate head lice. Sanitation should be considered at all times. The head lice prefer to live in dirt and damp environments. The one facing this problem will feel miserable because the scalp will feel very itchy and the scalp will cause injury due to be scratched with a fingernail. I hope these tips are helpful to address the problem of head lice. 
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