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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Underarm Whitening Naturally

How to whiten dark underarms? This is a concern to women as to cause the appearance of dark underarms in distressed communities while wearing a short-sleeved dress. Many reasons why you became dark underarms.

If you read this article you are in the right place. I will teach you how to naturally whiten your underarm. The market has a variety of brands to overcome dark underarms, but its effectiveness has not been ascertained.

  • Before further debate how to whiten armpit black, it helps explain to you why underarm darkening.
  • You must be careful shaving in the armpit. Shave too often cause armpit looks black. You suggested while shaving in the armpits, shaving the type of wax used to measure safer.
  • If you are constantly sweating, this will cause your underarm looks dark and damp.
  • Sometimes dark underarms caused by genetic factors. Your parents or offspring having problems dark underarms.
Underarm Whitening
  • Wear anti-perspiration does not correspond to your underarm skin. The skin becomes irritated and will cause dark armpits. Select Deodorant contains mineral elements because it is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Wearing tight clothes. Friction clothes in your skin causing the skin to appear dark underarms.

01) Lime and lemon
Lime and lemon not only good for the health of body and facial beauty, but it also can overcome the problem of dark underarms. Apply a thin slice of orange or lemon on your armpits every day until your armpit white back.

02) Olive oil
Olive oil is said to overcome the problem of dark underarms. Spread olive oil on the armpit in a few minutes and wipe it off with soap. Do this routine every day to armpit sunny back.

03) Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
Baking soda to whiten teeth very well, redden the lips and also white armpit. Take a little flour and baking soda mixed with a little water, apply in the armpit area and leave in a few minutes. Clean the armpit with soap and rinse with clean water. For the record, do not use baking soda too frequently, use only once a month.

04) Toothpaste
Toothpaste is used to clean the mouth and teeth whitening. In addition, the toothpaste can also be used to whiten black armpit. Apply a little toothpaste in the armpit area is black. Rub to lather and rinse with clean water.

05) Papaya
Do you believe papaya can overcome the problem of black armpit? You will be satisfied if you apply these rules correctly. Be sure to select half-ripe papaya fruit, the fruit must be blended until smooth, put on your armpits after showering. Leave in a few minutes and wash with water to clean. Practice every day to armpit sunny back.

06) Coconut oil
Coconut oil has vitamin E, this oil is very good for fertility and also can overcome the armpit black. Rub a little oil per day to armpit white back.

  • Bathroom with perfect and typical use soap to wash the armpit. Consult a doctor to buy any soap or other products.
  • Do not shave too often in the armpit as this can injure the skin and cause the skin to become dark underarms.
  • Use the special scrub to wash armpits. This special scrub can remove dead skin cells.
  • Do not spray perfume in the armpit area because it can cause underarm turns black.
  • Use deodorant mineral elements.
I hope these tips helpful to you. Thank you for visiting this blog. If you have any doubts about this tip, please leave your comment.
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