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Monday, April 20, 2015

Secrets Benefits of Coconut Water

Drink coconut water is highly preferred by many people around the world. When we drink this water, it feels fresh and sweet, and save thousands of benefit to mankind. People know very well the coconut water to prevent dehydration.

Coconut fruit is very popular, many products and beverages made from coconuts to prosecute human needs. Indonesia is the world's leading producer of coconuts. Acreage is 3.9 million hectares, followed by the Philippines 3.2 million hectares and 1.9 million hectares of India.


Coconut fruit content
(01) folic acid, (02), riboflavin (03) Nicotinic acid (04) Pantothenic acid (05), biotin (06) Energy, (07) Carbohydrates, (08) Sugars, (09) Dietary fiber, (10) Fat, (11) Protein, (12) Vitamins, (13) Vitamin A,  (14) beta-carotene, (15) lutein, zeaxanthin, (16) Thiamine, (17) Niacin, (18) Vitamin B, (19) Folate,(20) Vitamin C, (21) Vitamin E, (22) Vitamin K, (23) Trace metals, (24) Calcium, (25) Iron, (26) Magnesium, (27) Phosphorus, (28) Potassium, (29) Zinc

Benefits of Coconut Water
Eliminate dehydration
Believe it, coconut water can treat dehydration. Diseases such as stomach flu, diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery can be overcome by simply drinking coconut water. In some research by physicians, plasma and electrolyte balance in the coconut water is very similar to human blood. Therefore, sweat activities, such as sports, everyday working people, very nice to drink coconut water to retain ions in the body.

Reduce high blood pressure
To your knowledge, coconut water can balance the electrolytes in the human body. High electrolyte content in the human body can cause blood pressure to increase.

Facilitate digestion
Between the content of bioactive enzymes in coconut is like a). Peroxidase b). RNA polymerase c). Dehydrogenase d). Diastase e). Folic acid f). phosphatase g). Cattails and many others. This enzyme helps to ease digestion and metabolism in the human body.

Reduce the effects of alcohol
If you have drunk alcohol and try to regurgitate the content of alcohol in the body, you can drink coconut water and coconut water content vomits as a remedy of specific substances. Coconut water can also reduce the effects of alcohol and can cause alcohol content will be fresh.

Kidney stone disease
In the study by medical experts, coconut water can remove and break kidney stones are still small again. Even so, coconut water can not break kidney stones larger than the urinary tract.

Strengthens the immune system
Coconut water contains various types of acids include lauric acid, which is an antifungal agent, an antibacterial, antiviral, and contains smaller amounts of glutamine and arginine which helps fight the virus.

Lose weight
Coconut water is good for weight loss. Coconut water has no chemical content and famous from time immemorial as an alternative to losing weight and showed positive results. If you drink coconut water, you will feel full and delay to eat.

Containing anti datum
Coconut water contains antitoxins and can help to remove toxins through regurgitation. When the poison was mixed with blood, coconut water will only help toxicity to freshwater in the body and excreted through the kidneys.

Prevention of heartburn
Many people experience heartburn problems, especially pregnant women. Heartburn will cause discomfort in the body. It has always been a complaint from the mother. Coconut water contains nutrients and oxygen to permeate into the cells of the body, this will help the problem of heartburn to a more comfortable level.

Very good for diabetics
Coconut water can control the level of content in the blood of diabetics. Sugar content in coconut water is very low. The frequency of drinking coconut water will provide better results for diabetic patients.

Coconuts created by God for the good of all mankind. A lot of good drinking coconut water to a healthy body and prevent some diseases from getting worse. The practice of drinking coconut water every day will provide benefits to you.
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