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Friday, April 17, 2015

How To Use Find My Phone

How To Use Find My Phone.Google has launched a new app for the location of android mobile phone by just typing '' find my phone '' in google login with your handphone conditions in google account in the play store.

You will know the position of the mobile phone easily.

To know the location of your mobile phone, you must update google apps using the latest version and do not forget to activate the button location on your cell phone and make sure you reinforce the ringing tone and not in silence.

Just type in google find my phone
How to Use Find My Phone
If you you look like the picture above, I typed '' find my phone '' in google and the location I owned a mobile phone will be displayed on the search page through google map. You can press the button "ring" and your phone will automatically ring. This application is very easy to use and if you lose your mobile phone, you can find out the location immediately, lock and turn off your cell phone battery.

Application '' find my phone '' in google only be applied to mobile android version. If your phone does not have this version, your phone is hard to find.

The manner and conditions in order to '' find my phone '' in google
  • You must update the latest version of your mobile phone in play store
  • Be sure to enable gps / location of your mobile phone
  • Your phone must always be logged in account '' play store ''
  • You just type '' find my phone '' in google

This application really helps people to find their phone is lost, forgotten or missed phone at home or in the office. Thank you to the google because this provides a simple application for the public. This application is very popular all over the world, especially in countries united states. Activate GPs / location of your mobile phone now to precautions of missing.
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