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Friday, April 10, 2015

How To Quit Smoking Effectively

How can I stop smoking? Smoking is very popular over the years. Every day thousands of boxes of cigarettes sold to the public. The most popular cigarette brands are Dunhill, Winston, Salem, Rothmans and more.

Do you know the brand Dunhill tobacco companies have become millionaires now? The impact of the tobacco industry has become part of the income of some countries and international manufacturers like RJ Reynolds,Altria , Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco.

How to quit smoking effectively
Nowadays, many countries have reduced tobacco industry in their own country because of the dangers of smoking to human consciousness. Every year millions of people die due to complications caused by smoking habit.

Many countries are intensifying the campaign to stop smoking and clearly explains the dangers of smoking to human by placing a picture of oral cancer, premature babies, lung cancer caused by smoking on cigarette.

Effective way to quit smoking
I will explain to you how to quit smoking effectively. If someone was addicted, very difficult to quit smoking because smoking has been staples for smokers. Many people try to quit smoking but can not. This caused addiction and peer influence in the workplace.

Think the effects of smoking
Before you intend to quit smoking, think deeply impact of smoking in yourself. you must know, smoking does not bring any good to your body. Imagine the next few years, you have experienced chest pains and several other diseases because of smoking.

Part of your salary for medical treatment and the time you try to quit smoking. your family and children need money for daily expenses and schooling expenses but you are no longer able to give enough money for the family. This reflection will give yourself the power to stop smoking.
How To Quit Smoking

Enlist the help of family and close friends to quit smoking
Tell your family and friends, you want to stop smoking and ask your family and friends help to inspire and remind yourself if you smoke without your conscious. your family such as spouse can be a watchdog for yourself to quit smoking. This method can help you in your efforts to stop smoking. Besides that, you need to strengthen your resolve to quit smoking.

Specify the target time to quit smoking
Specify your time to quit smoking. such as, you decide to quit smoking for three weeks. you can not stop smoking drastically because this method will not work and cause you to suffer from complications due to a sudden stop smoking. This method will also punish yourself. If you decide to quit smoking, this does not punish you and you can quit smoking within you set yourself

Start stop smoking the easy way
Before this how you spend in a packet of cigarettes a day? If you feel stress tobacco will run out quickly. Determine the number of cigarettes you smoke a day is five to ten rods. Try to cut this number every day until the day when you stop smoking. You can smoke in certain circumstances but can not exceed the number of cigarettes you specify.

Drinking mineral water
Exchange your cigarettes to mineral water. Water is good for your health and your body's metabolic processes. If you want to smoke, drink lots of water. drinking water can stop the intention to smoke. Provide a bottle of water beside you as a substitute to smoking.

Avoid daily habits
Refrain from daily habits such as drinking coffee and Nascafe contain nicotine. These drinks can draw your mind to smoke. In addition, avoid drinking beverages containing alcohol, such as beer, wine and whiskey while you are in the process of quitting smoking because these drinks will affect you for smoking. Change your habits such as eating fresh fruits as smoke after eating the fruit does not feel nice, like after drinking coffee.

Busying yourself
Busied himself in doing their daily lives can avoid smoking. If you're in the office, prepare your work attentively and if you're in your home do the cleaning work area around the house, repairing furniture and so on. This means forgetting your intentions to smoke.

Busied themselves after eating
When you finish eating, you must occupy yourself for a very strong attraction to smoke when finished eating. Eat desserts such as fruit, brushing your teeth or going for a walk. Although this method is very difficult but if you pitch yourself, how this will effectively end. all smokers know after a meal, a cigarette is the most delicious.

Pray for quitting smoking
Prayer is the calm themselves and ask for help from the creator of heaven and earth. I have a friend named Sylvester in my hometown in Tambunan district on the island of Borneo. I recognized him for thirty years and I know Sylvester hardcore smoker. I left my hometown for ten years and recently I have returned to my village. I met up with my friend Sylvester and he had stopped smoking.

I asked him how to successfully quit smoking. Sylvester told me he just prayed every night for God to ask to stop smoking. One day my friend said he was vomiting and since that day he could no longer smell the smoke and try to smoke when he would feel nauseous and finally decided to quit smoking. Conclusion prayer can help you to stop smoking.
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