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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chances Of Winning The Lottery Four-Digit

Lottery game offers a lucrative prize. Every day many people win lottery draw every time. Many also never won the lottery in their lives, even though they bought a lottery ticket every time the draw. Where is the mistake? Play the lottery requires proper way. If you are wrong to play the lottery, you will lose money in large quantities.

Chances of winning the lottery four-digit
What are your chances of winning the lottery? If you've played the lottery in a long time, but has never won the lottery, you may not have luck in this game. In 4-digit lottery game has 10,000 digits starting 0001 to 9999 and is divided into several round numbers, a system 24, 12, 6, 4 and 1 system. For example, 24 = 1234, 12 = 1123, 6 = 1122, 4 = 1112, 1 = 1111.

To understand your numbers with the opportunity to learn simple math. If you play system 24, the chance of your number is 24 / 10,000. If you play system 12, the chances of your number are 12 / 10,000. The 4 system is 04 / 10,000 and 1 system, the chance is 01 / 10,000.

Chances Of Winning The Lottery Four-Digit
Malaysian Lottery Magnum 4D
This means that in a mathematical system 24 system has a very high chance it will come out in every lottery draw and the chance is very low once the system 1. If you noticed in 4-digit lottery results, numbers are most often hit 24 system.

Numbers rarely exit number  01. This is the system rarely hit in the draw and this number is also frequently sold out.

Chances of winning the lottery
My advice if you really want to play the lottery, pick one to two digits only. Purchase and follow this number each time draw and never miss buying your number. Set the amount of your money to buy lottery tickets and do not reduce the amount of money to buy lottery tickets. For example, the money you buy a lottery ticket for each draw of $ 10 and do not reduce the amount of this money to $ 5 because when you win the lottery with the total purchase $ 5 tickets, prize money is low compared with the purchase of a lottery ticket worth $ 10.

The lottery game is a long-term investment, if you consider this lottery short-term investment and wanting to win every month or every time the draw, you are mistaken and you will be faced losing money in large quantities. Even so, many people win the lottery by studying the formula calculation by mathematical probability calculations, static, graphs, and charts. To understand these formulas you must have knowledge of mathematics.
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  1. Thanks for your post. But I have a question. What do you think about a hot and cold numbers in Saturday Lotto? Did it work? How to use it correctly?

  2. Thanks for your comments, sir, but I still do not study the game lotto. Even so, play hot numbers better than playing cold numbers. This is because, according to the mathematical fact, the most frequent numbers, have a probability to hit in the next draw. In my view, lotto game is a game of luck. If you play this game by using a mathematical approach, you will lose a lot of money in life. My tips, playing only one number of your choice and, buy numbers consistently.


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