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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4D Prediction

4D Prediction. How to compute the 4D Lottery? Everyone is trying hard to create a formula on, Toto 4D, Magnum 4D, Sabah 88, STC, Damacai, Singapore 4D and Sarawak cash sweep. Many people also fail and succeed.

Every day forecast numbers draw investors will try out various mathematical methods such as studying the charts, history 4D, analysis, discuss with the group 4D and many more. All in one purpose, namely to victory in lottery.

4D Prediction
Before I share the tips, I want to tell you all, the idea of ​​this method is that of my friends and I feel the need to share with you all for the benefit of all investors lottery 4D in Malaysia and Singapore. Why I share these tips? There is no point in having the knowledge but do not share it with others. 4D tips are useful if you learn all the basic numbers such as my teaching before.

4D  strategy
Well, without wasting time, we will learn how to do predict 4D strategies in the four-digit lotteries in Malaysia and Singapore. Before that, I want to ask you interest in investing 4D Lottery in which the agency? 4D Toto, Magnum 4D? Very important to choose the home of your investment because if you play many types of lotteries, you will lose a lot of money. You are recommended to select only one investment house only as the Magnum 4D.

Select the Numbers in the Study 4D Lottery
Before making an investment in the lottery agency, you should choose numbers in lottery research. For example, my description here refers to the Magnum 4D lottery.

Based on the results of your study last draw and you need to make sure the total number 24 (number without a coupling) between the results starter, third prize, second and first prize. Select the 24-digit numbers according to your intuition or you can do a study like my writing "How Calculate Your Percent 4D Prediction". You just pick only one number 24 and separated into three numbers.
4D Prediction
The Magnum Prediction Studies
For example, here is a description of my research on Magnum 4D. 24 numbers have a high percentage of three point will hit in the next draw. In my opinion, the best numbers to be chosen for the study was the number 24 in the first prize, second and third. For example, draw 25/04/2015 (ID Draw 451/15).

First prize: 0192
Second prize: 8598
Third prize: 5117

Numbers should we choose to bet on Magnum 4D  is, 0192. Why choose this number? Because it is the number 24 and has a high chance (3) points will be hit in the next draw. You more about the number 24, you can read my writing "Chances Of Winning The Lottery Four-Digit''.

Made into 3 digits
The next strategy is to make a (3) numbers. 0192 numbers will be like this

0192 =192/092/012/019
How to choose a combination of 3 to 4-digit numbers? You have to work a little harder. Go to the website 4D2U and click on the search  4D. Set the search starting date of 04/25/2014 to 25/04/2015. This means that your search begins as the chart below. Numbers studied quite a lot? Only 36 numbers you must experiment to determine the number of hits per year. The time required to study the number of hits lotteri is only an hour. To be successful needs a bit of effort.

1. 192/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
1921=4 hit, 1922=7hit, 1923=11hit, 1924=16hit, 1925=12hit, 1926=9hit, 1927=7hit, 1928=11hit, 1929=6hit

2. 092/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
0922=6hit, 0923=12hit, 0924=10hit, 0925=6hit, 0926=17hit, 0927=9hit, 0928=6hit, 0929=7hit , 0920=6hit

3. 012/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
0121=4hit, 0122=5hit, 0123=12hit, 0124=8hit, 0125=7hit, 0126=11hit, 0127=8hit, 0128=4hit, 0120=3hit

4. 019/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
0191=3hit, 0193=6hit, 0194=15hit, 0195=16hit, 0196=13hit, 0197=11hit, 0198=10hit 0199=6hit, 0190=2hit

Tips on choosing number
You have to know the number of hits per year. The next tip I will give you choose 4D number. Select the number has hit a lot number or choose hit more than 10 hits and you are encouraged to make the calculation of the percentage of numbers to determine the probability that this number is a real chance to be hit to the next draw. Numbers 0194 and hit number 15 has hit into the next draw on 26.04.2015 (ID draw 452/15). 4D lottery in a lot of ways to win the lottery. You can also perform the calculation the year, month, week and so on. Remember, you try you will succeed.

4D in system (12)
Tip calculations above are for the number system (24) (numbers without coupling). even so, the tips can also be made in the calculation of the number 12 (number 12 rounds, for example, 1123). If you play the lottery 4D  for this system, the total number to be less than the system (24), but you must understand how to calculate the percentage of probability of numbers you bet.System (12) is the potential to hit the next draw.

These tips are just guidelines and priority you choose your own numbers. We can only make mathematical probability calculations based on facts. If you have a formula 4D Prediction better than this, combine formula you with this guide to the calculations more efficient. You are strongly encouraged to purchase the system (iPerm, iBox, iPau) to maximize your winning bet number and the best way to save your money. Good luck and see you again in the next entry.

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