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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Understanding Of What The Affiliate Program

Do you know what an affiliate program? Many people have an income from affiliate program. They are incurring an income of up to hundreds of dollars a month.

How do they do it? This secret has been kept so by the people involved in the affiliate program.

If you read this writing, it is time you try to earn income from the Internet like everyone else. If you understand clearly how the affiliate system works, you'll know this program is very easy to implement.

This program is, we are the middle man and promoting the company's goods or entrepreneurs through the affiliate link. If the goods are sold by the buyer, we will be able to commission from the company. 
  • This is to be understood in the terms affiliate program
  • You (agent) affiliate link - Buyer - website = commission
  • Affiliate Marketer - affiliates or agents.
  • Affiliate Manager - Merchant or affiliate program owners.
  • Affiliate Link - Link typical for affiliate marketers.
  • Commissions - Total cost of every successful sales generated.
Understanding Of What The Affiliate Program

Affiliate System - Online Software will detect / track (track) every certain activities such as click, a record number of commissions and many others.
  •  This is an example of affiliate links: http://www.goods.com/index.php?ref=Daniel

ID identification we are, ref = Daniel. An ID system through our Affiliate identify all activities through the promotion, the number of clicks on the link and the sale proceeds

If we do not have ID, affiliate system failed to detect and record any data to your affiliate link. Make sure you use the correct affiliate. Everyone has a different and unique links ID. For example
  • Daniel = http://www.goods.com/index.php?ref=Daniel
  • Jack = http://www.goods.com/index.php?ref=Jack
  • Winnie = http: //www.goods.com/index.php? Ref = Winnie
  • Andrew = http: //www.goods.com/index.php? Ref = Andrew

Daniel, Jack, Winnie, Andrew and Daniel have a different id. Affiliate system is able to detect every product sold from affiliate id. If the product is sold from an Affiliate link Andrew and Winnie, both of them shall be entitled to get commissions.


Base flow
  • Affiliate Link Agent > buyer > Website Sales > Records System and Total Commissions


If buyers click your affiliate link and make a purchase products promoted on your blog or web page, the system will record the purchase in accordance with their respective ID.

For example, if the product is sold at the price of $ 50 and a $ 25 commission. If four people  purchase products through your affiliate link, you can commission amount is $ 100.

In the Internet world have different types of affiliate system. There is a system easy to implement and there are complex systems. Even so, the principle is still the same as purchasing commission records, the number of clicks and which promoted link.

You do not need to understand in detail how the system works affiliate, affiliate just a basic understanding is sufficient. You have a unique id and id not equal to others. The system will identify your affiliate link and you are given an affiliate account to view the number of clicks and purchases.


This is the most basic explanation about Affiliate system. If you're still not clear, you can ask a question. If this explanation is not complete, you can share your thoughts about affiliate system.

To succeed in affiliate programs, write candidly about the products you offer on your blog or website. Tell your link on forums and you must clear profile. This allows buyers are interested to know you in detail.

So this writing, I really hope you earnestly to achieve success in affiliate program. Others can earn thousands of dollars doing this program, why are you not? Good luck..
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