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Monday, March 9, 2015

Secret Tips To Overcome Migraine

Have you had a headache on the left or right? Extremely painful headaches sometimes cannot wake up, this pain is known as migraine, migraines occur for various reasons.

If we suffer migraine, we feel tension, irritability about small things.

If you know your friends are having  migraine problems, do not try to joke with them, headaches, tension, stress, this can lead to feelings of anger.


1) Dumping work in the office
Working too much and must be prepared to immediately cause the head can be a migraine.

2) Look too old computers and mobile phones
Mobile phones and computers contain UV rays and is not good for the eyes, if you look too long cause headaches.

3) Traffic jam
Journey to the workplace crowded with vehicles causing tension.

4) Sleep is not enough
While you sleep, fatigue and suddenly startled by a person will cause dizziness and headache causes sudden migraine.

5) Allergic to certain odors
Some people are allergic to certain smells like petrol, fruit, perfume and more, disliked the smell will cause headaches and dizziness.


1) Relax
During headache, try to relax, close your eyes and take a deep breath from the nose and out through your mouth slowly, whispering yourself like this ... relax .. (Your name) ... it's all good .. Imagine your eyes lifeless, take a deep breath in and out slowly.. Imagine your eyes fresh and radiant, calm the mind and body, controlled breathing for 15 to 30 minutes and re-open your eyes.

If you do it right, you can heal your migraine.

02) See the green plants
See the natural greenery is effective therapies to treat migraine, go to the area with green plants, breathe slowly and see green plants in 30 minutes to recover your migraine.

3) Massage
You can find a masseuse service or go to the spa, massage on the head by a masseur can eliminate migraine, peaceful atmosphere in the spa and massage, bath can relieve your migraine.

4) Jogging
Jogging is good for health and can eliminate your migraine, jogging slowly for about an hour until you sweat out a lot and at that time you feel migraine has healed.

Other sports such as cycling, football, badminton, hiking, effective for curing migraine.
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