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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Papaya Leaf Bidder Dengue Fever

Aides mosquito bites are the killer is dreaded by all people, because if not treated immediately lifespan of patients customarily takes only a few days to live.

Every day there are more deaths ecumenical by the bites of mosquitoes, the countries that are still underdeveloped as African countries recorded the highest death as due to lack of medical technology and medicines.

This herbal preparation is an alternative treatment of heritage ages and passed to a generation to generation until today.

If you doubt and misgivings with this treatment, please contact your medico for further particulars because this is just an alternative treatment.


01) Provide some fresh papaya leaves and wash exhaustively and then cut or sliced papaya leaves utilizing knife.

02) You must dispense all the gross veins because it takes only papaya leaves only.

03) Until finely mashed papaya leaves and watery / you can additionally utilize a blender.

04) Dairy papaya leaf with a filter so that you can obtain at least two tablespoons of papaya juice.

05) Do not let it boil papaya juice in mundane conditions.

06) Imbibing papaya juice twice a day (morning and evening) with two tablespoons.

07) Do not imbibe water after imbibing the juice, the juice is extremely bitter taste and this is the secret of this herb.

08) Suggested you take this herb juice three days in a row.


In Malaysia country this treatment is very popular and many who managed to surmount dengue fever by imbibing papaya leaf juice.

The ministry of Health Malaysia research division herbal treatments has additionally studied the efficacy of papaya leaves and their parties additionally concurred on the rigor or the efficacy of this drug.

Some companies in Malaysia has made papaya leaf juice for commercial purposes for the treatment of dengue fever.
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