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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Immediately Overcome Breath Stink

How to handle the mouth stink? O my god... mouth stink is a nightmare for everyone. Why breath halitosis? Actually, many reasons why the mouth smelly. Have you ever talked to someone and his breath smelled very bad, until you want vomits when smelled his breath?

Everyone does not want his mouth smelly. But if you encounter this problem, you must take immediate steps to treat your mouth stink.

This problem will cause you will lose confidence in conjunction with the community.


Decomposition of food waste
Halitosis due to decomposition of food residues in the crevices of the teeth. You must gargle after eating to prevent food from sticking to the teeth. Meal with desserts such as fruit can also clean your mouth from leftover food in the mouth.

Smoking is the leading cause mouth odor problem. Cigarettes containing various chemicals. Smoke will react in the mouth of smokers and would cause halitosis and the teeth become yellow. Non smoker will avoid the smokers because smokers breath smelled.
Immediately Overcome Breath Stink

Bacterial and fungal infections
If the mouth of someone infected by bacteria and fungus, they will smelling mouth due to the activity of bacteria and fungus in the mouth.

Not brushing
If you are rarely brushing, your teeth will turn yellow and will be a very foul breath. Some people, when talking to this individual they will feel nauseous and dizzy smell of the mouth of someone not brushing.

Whether your dental cavities? Cavities, also cause mouth odor problem. Bacterial activity in the area toothache causes your mouth stink.


Visit the dentist
The best way to overcome the mouth stink is visiting the dentist. Doctors can determine the cause of your mouth stink and will explain the correct oral care tip. You are given the treatment and medications in accordance with your problems

Mouthwashes very nice to deal with smelly mouth. If you live in Malaysia, popular mouthwash is brand Listerine. It contains an antiseptic mouthwash and mouth can reduce stink.

You can also use mouthwash brand Bactidol to overcome your bad breath. These drugs are very good at killing bacteria and fungus activity in the mouth.

Gargle with salt water can relieve toothache and can cope with halitosis. Preparation of brine is, put a few teaspoons of salt in a glass of hot water, stirring until well mixed salt water and wait until the water becomes warm. Mouthwash twice a day until reduced bad breath.

Stop Smoking
The main causes of halitosis are smoking. Try to reduce and quit smoking to overcome halitosis. Most women do not smoke cigarettes. This group does not like men smoking as the smell of smoke and the smell of the mouth of the smoker.

Mouth sprays mints

Mouth freshener spray can overcome halitosis immediately, but cannot treat the problem of bad breath. The mouth freshener spray is sold in the market and you can get this spray when talking to people. Mint flavored mouthwash spray very popular to overcome your bad breath.
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