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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How To Write Five Articles Per Day

 Are you able to write five articles everyday? Many do not believe this because writing is not easy, the average person writes a blog at least one article a day.

In fact, many writers out there can write five articles per day, now they have been successful because of the hard work and practice article writing secrets guide.

What's the secret? The secret is actually just writing articles on writing guide correctly, but many do not know how to properly write.

I will be teaching a little tip on how to write five articles per day.


Draft articles
A list of five topics you need to write articles on the blog, you must draft of your article to make it easier to do the writing, without the draft article you will lack the idea of ​​writing.

The title of each paragraph
Draft your writing must contain important topics, writing quality articles must have an important point to reflect on your writing.

For example, the title of the article, "the cause of global warming". Title or content is, "open burning, deforestation, smog ''. This is an example of an important topic of each paragraph
This is an example of an important topic of each paragraph.

Important topics in the writing of the article must have a description of important titles, descriptions must be relevant and not deviate from the original title.

Description of the draft articles only important point, full description written in the blog after your draft is ready.

Description of the writing must have examples to relate the description of writing or concrete evidence of the fact of writing descriptions

For example, like this description, "the war caused many deaths as the war in Iraq country we saw many people die".

Good article writing must have a conclusion. The conclusion is terminated in writing, you can write your thoughts, ideas, advice, how to cope and so on.

Number of words
World famous website said good writing at least minimum 200 words, it is actually the amount is too little. But good writing must have a lot of keywords and great for SEO blog.

I hope after you read my articles you can write five articles every day, focus, hard work is the main secret of blogging.

If you are able to write 5 articles per day, how many articles you produce per year? 365x5 = 1825 wow great article.

My advice, do not try to copy someone else's article because it will cause poor quality articles.
Posted by mr geo Updated at: March 10, 2015

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