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Saturday, March 7, 2015

How To Treat A Sore Throat

 How do I get rid of a sore throat? There are many reasons causing sore throat, such as fever, whooping cause loss of voice and throat pain.

Sore throat will cause hardship to eat, tough talking, headache, bad mood and a nightmare if you will do singing performances, debates or speeches in public.

If the sore throat is not treated will cause coughing and might cause infection of the lungs and coughing up blood.


Vitamin C
Vitamin C is good for health, when a sore throat is recommended to take vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, apples and greens.

If you do not like to eat vegetables or fruits, you can take a vitamin c tablet.

Natural honey is good for treating sore throat, this treatment is used by the ancients and is used to this day.

Take one tablespoon of honey and eat three times a day until the sore throat healed, be sure to eat the honey without drinking water.

Gargle with salt water can reduce sore throat, methods of preparation, take three tablespoons of salt and input into a glass of hot water, when hot water gargle with warm salt water three times a day.

Listerine contains antiseptic and can kill bacteria in the mouth, after eating, before sleeping and after your shower to rinse with Listerine recommended, if you follow these rules will heal a sore throat.

Bactidol mouthwash containing anti bacteria and fungus, if your sore throat because of fever mouthwash is very effective in treating a sore throat, you can get this mouthwash in any pharmacy

Drink warm water
Drink warm water in large amounts, be sure not to drink cold water and ice because it contains will be a severe sore throat, practice drink warm water when a sore throat until healed.

This is a traditional but effective treatment to reduce sore throat, methods of preparation, cut a lemon and squeeze lemon juice into a glass of warm water, drinking lemon water three times a day until healed sore throat.

I always practice during sore throat treatment, to avoid the disease sore throat, always practiced drinking warm water in large quantities.
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