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Sunday, March 15, 2015

How To Find Offshore Jobs In Malaysia

Employment as offshore is oil and gas exploration. This job is very popular because it offers a high salary. If you aspire to work in this field, trying to obtain the certificate required by offshore companies.

Offshore workers' wages are paid through currency dollar, but if you work in Malaysia, you paid through Ringgit Malaysia but in dollar currency.

In Malaysia famous offshore companies, such as Petronas and Shell is a big company. Petronas Malaysian owned by the government and Shell is owned by private companies from abroad.


Location of oil exploration in Malaysia as these states.
  • Sabah
  • Sarawak
  • Terengganu
  • Kemaman
  • The federal territory of Labuan
Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan have plenty of oil and gas supplies and many places are still not excavated. Exploration companies require many employees coastal and allow Malaysians working in the field of oil exploration.
How to find offshore jobs in Malaysia

If you're not from Malaysia, you can still apply for offshore work, but you must have experience in the field of offshore.


If you want to apply for jobs offshore in Malaysia, make sure you have the relevant certificates. You can also apply to private companies and they also offer a higher salary, but you work on a contractual basis.

If you are interested in working in exploration company Petronas, you can apply here.
The major private companies in Malaysia is Shell, they offer jobs offshore in many countries. You can apply and send resume here.

If you want to find another job, you can apply on the website to find a job site in southeast Asia and have a network in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and Philippine. You can find a job on this web site (click here)


Jobs offshore, is prospecting gas and oil rig in the middle of the sea, they will work in a few weeks or months on an oil rig and go back to the mainland after doing routine work at sea

If you have been married and want to apply for jobs offshore sure was willing to leave your family in a long period. You must give confidence and your wife must make sacrifices for the sake of family income.

If you are single, you have no problem leaving your family, this is the time to collect a lot of money
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