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Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Check The Car For Long Trips

How to check the car before a long trip? You must be a compulsory check the car before a long trip. This is important for your safety and your family.

This inspection to prevent your car breaks down while driving and to prevent accidents.

Before a long trip, make sure you have done a thorough inspection of your car. If you have been doing checks on your car you will be driving with confidence.


This is a guide on how to check the car properly

Check engine
Open the hood of the car, see the engine of your car if it has a leak. You can find out if a leak in the engine when the vehicle engine oil dripping under the engine area. You must send the car in the garage to perform inspections.
How To Check The Car For Long Trips

Engine oil
Check the engine oil level, check the engine oil according to the level set. If you do drive away, change the engine oil with fresh oil. If the engine oil level decreased from set, send your car in the garage for inspection.

Brake oil
Brake oil is important for the lifespan of your car brake. Be sure to check the brake oil level and if reduced, add oil until the level brake set.

Power steering oil
Check power steering oil level is essential for the smooth movement of steering your car.

Check the tire pressure and wind
When conducting inspections, tires, make sure the groove tires are still in good condition and do not suffer from baldness. If balding on the sides or in part, the possibility of suspension or alignment tire having problems. Send your car in a garage for repairs.
Be sure to check tire pressure. If the tire decreases, go to the garage or petrol station to fill up your car tires

Front and rear lights
Check the rear lights and the front of your car. Make sure all lights work properly.

Signal left and right
Signal is a very important car while driving on the highway. Make sure all the left and right signal to function properly.

Brake lights
Brake lights, signal indicating the vehicle to stop. If you are driving with defective brake lights, you risk being hit by other vehicles. Make sure the brake the car to function properly.
Water radiator and coolant
Radiator serves to cool the engine. Ensure adequate water radiator and stock coolant prescribed level.

Battery life vehicles, only one to two years. If you use a wet cell battery, check the level of the water level and if you use dry cell batteries make sure the battery is still functioning well.

Weak car battery cause difficult engine is turned on and your car will sound alarm.

Windscreen wiper water
The full content of water in the storage box for water wiper mirror.


Make sure you have a tool box of these tools, all size spanner, spanner tire opener, screw driver, jack, pliers, jumping and more. This equipment is essential for use in the event of an emergency situation such as a leaky tire, car batteries have a problem and so on.
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  1. I really like your tip here to check the windscreen wiper water. It seems as though many people underestimate how important that stuff is. However, if you are on a road trip, you will undoubtedly get a lot of bugs on your windshield. Not only is that a little nasty, but it also makes it difficult to see. Do you have any posts about how to add windscreen wiper water if you need i t?


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