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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How To Buy Tickets And Board The Flight In Malaysia

How do I buy tickets and board the flight in Malaysia? Many still do not know how to split the ticket and boarding. If they want to travel or business requires a flight to your destination, you must know how to buy tickets and how to catch a flight.

If you do not know how to buy tickets and how to catch a flight, your travel problems and chances are you can get lost or miss the flight.

I will explain how to buy tickets and board the flight with the correct.


Three ways to buy tickets.

1) Purchase flight tickets through online
2) Buy a ticket directly to the airport
3) Buy flight tickets from registered agent

Buy tickets through online
In Malaysia airlines, has two main airlines, MAS and AirAsia. MAS is owned by the government of Malaysia and AirAsia are owned by private companies. You can buy flight tickets MAS directly to their website here. If you are interested AirAsia flight, buy tickets directly to their website here. Purchase of flight tickets can be by credit card or debit card. If you do not know to buy tickets by credit card or debit card, you can contact them by phone and they will help you buy tickets online.

How To Buy Tickets And Board The Flight In Malaysia
Buying flight tickets directly to the airport
If you do not have a credit card or scared purchasing online tickets, you can arrive at the airport near where you live to buy tickets. When you arrive at the airport directly to the counter and bought a ticket for your flight. Ticket counter only opens during office hours only.

Buying tickets from a registered agent
Some places or areas, difficult to buy flight tickets along with MAS or AirAsia, you can still buy flight tickets from MAS or AirAsia registered agent in your area, but the flight ticket prices vary from the original price, they are private agents or middlemen


The MAS has 2 categories of tickets,

Economy class
The economy class ticket is a normal class ticket. The ticket option many people.

Business class
This is a VVIP ticket. The ticket price is expensive and not all airplanes have a business class ticket.


You must arrive at the airport an hour early before the flight. When you reach the airport, looking for a scanner to scan your bags. The scanner must be implemented to ensure that you do not bring prohibited items. Make sure after the bag is scanned by a scanner, airport staff will affix a sticker security in your bag. Even so, this procedure is mandatory if you want to put your bags in the cargo section of the plane,

When you have finished scanning your bag, go at the ticket counter to get a ticket to the plane and the bag must also be submitted at the ticket counter. If your bag exceeds the weight, you must pay the cost of the goods if the weight exceeds the limits set.

After completion at the ticket counter, go to the station of departure for the security vetting of police assistance. Show your ticket and your goods such as mobile phones, bags, watches, jackets or all personal items must be placed in the scanner.

After passing security screening, go to the waiting room and wait to be called to enter into an airplane. When called into the plane, show your ticket to the staff airport and go through the designated path. Remember the number of your seat as indicated on the tickets.

When entering the plane, find your seat number. Store the goods at fixed shelf, sitting in your seat and wear seat belts. Before the plane took off, turn off all cell phones and stewardess or steward will show producer to passenger safety.

When the plane is in the air, you can open the safety belts and go to the toilet. The MAS will provide free food to passengers, but if AirAsia, they will charge every meal ordered.

When the plane landed at the airport, out of the plane and wait for your bags in the room waiting for luggage set.


You can not bring stuff like this on the plane. Durian, knives, bombs, guns, liquid chemicals, wild animals, petrol, drugs and more. If you carry jewelry items such as knives, swords must have permission from the police and this thing must be kept in the cargo.
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