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Sunday, March 1, 2015

How New Blog Accepted By Google AdSense 100%

How are accepted by google AdSense blog?many blogger disappointed with google AdSense because, their blog is not accepted due to not fulfill the conditions stipulated.

From my research, google AdSense ads network is the best in the world compared with other companies , even so, they set very stringent conditions to blogger.

Before sending the application in google AdSense, make sure your blog regularly and pretty, read the privacy policy so that you fully understand their needs, do not be too hastily created a blog.


01) Blog must have been completed and are at least 1 month but certain countries in countries such as China google AdSense blog set must be aged for at least 6 months.

02) Blog has been completed include criterion like this
- Previous entry
This is very important to allow visitors to clearly see your writing
- Contact form
It is used to help visitors can contact you
- Privacy Policy
Very important and a key condition set by google AdSense, this page is essential for maintaining privacy of blog visitors, readers and members in your page, how to create a page of your blog's privacy policy? you need not worry, you can create through the privacy policy generator on the site, click here.

03) Writing in the blog must be 100% original and your own ideas and do not plagiarize other people for violating the terms and google parties will be able to easily locate your fraud

04) You must place the archives in your blog so that visitors can find past posts

05) You must put a profile on the blog to allow visitors to get to know who you are.

06) Your photo must be your own and not someone else's photo, if you insert a picture into a blog available through the Internet google will not approve your application.

07) You need to buy a domain name for your blog  to convince the google that you are really serious about writing in the blog. 

08) Your blog must have a link with google webmaster and analytic .

When your blog has been completed for writing in 15 to 20 entries on a regular basis every day, remember! writing is original and not duplicate the work of somebody else.The number of words must be between 300 to 500 or above .

Go to google AdSense account and create the application, they will review the application within a few days and will adopt if your blog has fulfilled the conditions.


If you write, do it with a sincere heart and not just because of the money, the google told me to be successful, must be in writing quality content 'content is king' .

You must learn Seo tips, keywords, and make sure your entry in the index by search sites, ping your entry each time showcasing new writing .

Many bloggers earn from google reach up to tens of thousands of dollars each month, to see Google AdSense Top 10 Highest Earners In The World 2015 click here .

Determination, persistence is the key to your success, all successful must start from the bottom ,while writing this, my blog is only two months old and I hope it becomes the inspiration to you all, good luck.
Posted by mr geo Updated at: March 01, 2015

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