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Friday, March 6, 2015

Facial Skin Care Secret Tips Effectively

Facial hygiene is important to prevent acne, oily face, dry, and the incidence of skin pigmentation and ensure clean, smooth and beautiful.

If you suffer from skin problems such as sinus disease, acne and other diseases will lead to self-confidence will disappear, skin problems often faced by women, even so, the men often face the same problem.

These tips will teach you a little guide how to keep your skin properly.


Washing Your Face Before Bed
Before you want to sleep, wash your face with soap cleanser, this practice is essential to ensure that dirt on your face can be cleaned.

Your diet affects the health of the skin, practice taking foods rich in vitamin C such as green vegetables and fruits.

Collagen is rich in protein and very much needed by the body, making it capable of firming collagen face, remove wrinkles and youthful.

Look for a facial cleanser that suits your skin, use a cleanser that is reserved for the face can effectively purify your skin.

Facial Massage
Use soap when washing your face cleanser do massage gently around your face for 5 minutes, this sequence can remove wrinkles and youthful.

Night Cream
Looking for a night cream that suits your skin, use a night cream can close the pores open, it can also soften your skin.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for the elasticity of the skin and slow the aging process as well as the skin of the face is always bright and beautiful.

Taking vitamin c tablets based on fruits like oranges and apples is very good for the skin.

Scrub is used to remove dead cells that cause a dull and lifeless face, to women, use a scrub that has fine detail and for men to use a coarse grain scrub, use 2 to 3 times a week to study the effectiveness

Toner usage is very important to ensure the freshness of the skin of the face, use a toner produced plant-based.

Facial Moisturizer
Facial moisturizer is essential to maintain the beauty and health of your skin, use a moisturizer that is produced from natural ingredients like aloe Vera and green tea.

Periodically Wash

In addition to practicing facial care tips, wash your face regularly in the beauty salon is important because the salon provides a complete toolbox for treating skin.
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