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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Deflate The Belly Fat Tips

How to draw in excess belly fat? Many men and women suffer from the problem of excess fat in the abdominal area, if you are experiencing this problem with your body shape looks unattractive and looks older than actual age.

Belly fat problem due to excessive consumption of food, fizzy drinks and lack of exercise, this leads to increased weight and risk for various diseases dangerous.

I will provide some guidance on how to deflate excess belly fat effectively and if the tip is successful, say goodbye to belly fat.


User Corset
Corset wearing a synonym for women, but men can also wear a corset, it can deflate your stomach if you consistently wear.

The market sells various types of corset, select the type of cotton fabric for comfort when wearing it.

You can use this technique, increase spine and straighten your body to use the abdominal muscles to squeeze the stomach, practice this technique with your stomach continues to become familiar with this technique.

Eat during the night, drinking carbonated beverages, alcohol and do not control the appetite causing weight gain and cause excess fat in the abdomen.

My advice, eat only three meals a day and do not add food and only one dish, eat vegetables and fruits and try to eat less at night.

Fewer fried foods, fast foods, cakes, sweets and chocolate because it is a factor of your obesity.

Sit Up
Exercising by doing sit ups most effective way to eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, time to wake up from sleep, in the evening and before sleep, exercise regularly sit up to thirty times per day.

In addition to setting up exercises, jogging can lose weight and body healthy, practice these exercises every evening after work.

Essential oil of ginger
Ginger essential oil can burn excess fat, this oil is very popular in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore,Brunei and Malaysia.

Rub the oil in excess fat during a workout and before bed, it feels warm oil and use up excess fat decrease and loss.
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