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Friday, February 6, 2015

What equipment and a guide when climbing mountains?

Mountain climbing is a challenging sport. requires strength stamina, physical and mental when mountaineering.

Physical exercise must be done before climbing the mountain. this exercise to strengthen your stamina, physical and mental.

If physical exercise is not carried out, a high risk of injury when climbing can occur.

In addition, the equipment must be provided during the climb, the lack of provision of equipment will cause problems for climbers.

Guide complete equipment of climbing.

1) Towel
Prepare a thin towel and easily inserted into the bag.
Do not bring a thick towel because it will narrow down your bag space.

2) Shirts
Prepare your clothes and the clothes depends on how long you climb a mountain.

3) Beg
Prepare bags suitable and durable for mountaineering.

4) Track suit / shorts
Bring a track suit and shorts in two pieces

5) Stick
The supermarkets are selling sticks for mountaineering

This stick is important during descent

6) Panties
Bring some panties, suggested bringing in a disposable pants

7) Hats
hat is important to avoid the sun

Gunung Tahan Track
Track in Gunung Tahan
8) Masks
At night while sleeping mask important in forest

9) Knife
Used during an emergency or when preparing food

10) Tents
while mountaineering tent is very important that as a place to shelter from the rain and sun

11) Shoes
select the appropriate shoes and devoted to mountaineering

12) Socks
Do not forget to bring a few pieces of socks

13) Medications
Take medication such as Panadol, wound medicine, fever medication, anti-malarial drugs, painkillers, stomach pain medication, wound dressing

14) Camp stove
This tool is used for cooking

15) Lighter
Bring some lighter seeds

16) Gallon
Bring a gallon to save water

17) Small skillet
used for cooking

18) Laundry soap
used during washing pans and other equipment

19) Spoon
Important when you eat

20) Dishwasher
Important when you eat

21) Food
Prepare food that is durable as canned food,

a). Sardine  b). Biscuits c). Chocolate d). Cooking oil e). Garlic f).Shallots  g). Potatoes   h). Salt

i). Ajinomoto j). Rice  k). Milo l). Coffee  m).Nascafe  n). Whiskey  o) .Wheat

22) Jacket
Do not forget to bring your jacket to avoid the cold

23) Blankets
Important during sleep in the woods

24) Soap
Bring liquid soap. easy to store

25) Colgate and toothbrush
Prepare a toothbrush, toothpaste small size

26) Camera
While climbing the camera is important to take your photo

27) GPS
GPS is required when you get lost in the woods.

28) Mobile
Important when taking pictures spontaneously and assistance if of emergency.

28) Toxic Mosquito
everyone knows the woods a lot of mosquitoes, carrying a box of these toxins to stock up on the mountain.

29) Light Touch
used to see the road at night, carry spare batteries and bulbs once

30) Candles
While resting in a tent, lit up a candle can illuminate around the tent.

31) Plastic
Bring plastic to separate the clothes do not dry.

32) Bottled water
Bring a water bottle to store drinking water supplies in transit.

33) Gloves
Wear gloves in mountain areas can reduce the cold.

34) Watertight Bags
Bring a waterproof bag to protect cameras and cell phones exposed to rain.

35) Ropes
Tali is important when installing tents, climbing high mountains, and hanging clothes

If hiking in a group, mountaineering equipment such as food, set tents, medicines, camp stove must be separated and distributed to each member to bring the equipment.

Distribution equipment to each member can lighten the load carried by each member.

Tips when climbing hills

- While climbing the mountain, each member must walk in groups.

- When hiking, do not walk too fast follow the pace you walk.

- Runs silently while climbing to avoid the presence of wild animals.

- Be careful when going downhill because of the high risk for injury.

If you do not know the way to the top of the mountain you are better off hiring a guide to get to the top of the mountain.
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