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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Traditional Tips Rid of Acne

How to get rid of acne? What kind of treatment? What causes pimples? Acne on the face is often a problem for everyone, especially teenage girls.

acne on the face different problems to each individual relies on a person's lifestyle, diet, skin type, etc.

This eliminates the traditional acne tips practiced by people of southeast Asia since time immemorial and handed down to generations of today.

This rule is inherited by Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, and became very popular to the people in the country.
Tips Rid of acne
Traditional tips to eliminate acne is as follows;

Cinnamon and Honey
take a little ground cinnamon and mix with a little honey, put on your face before bedtime and wash face thoroughly after waking up, practice three times a week.

Tamarind and Turmeric
Take a few cloves of crushed saffron mashed up and mix in some tamarind juice, stirring until smooth.

Clean your face, put turmeric and tamarind juice to your face and leave for 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Old coconut water
Clean your face with clean water beforehand, take the old coconut water and wash your face, let it dry and wash your face again with clean water, practice three times a week.

Egg whites, corn flour and olive oil
grab an egg chickens and grab the egg whites, add a little flour and olive oil, mix until smooth and apply all over the face, let it dry and rinse with warm water until clean.

Practice three times a week, if you consistently practice your face will look clean and smooth.

Aloe Vera and honey
crop stalks fresh aloe Vera, crushed and mashed up mix in some honey, apply all over the face so dry and rinse with clean water, practice three times a week.

Guava leaf
grab a few pieces of guava leaves, squeeze the leaves with water, wash your face with water extraction guava leaves, in a few days you will see a change in your face.

Tea leaves
provide some leaves are still green tea, tea is boiled in a suitable container to a boil, wash your face using the water and let it dry and then wash face thoroughly.

Practiced every day before going to sleep and you will see changes in your facial acne will shrink.

Garlic, carrot, egg white and honey
provide some cloves of garlic, a few slices of carrot and egg and egg whites only just grab and a tablespoon of honey.

Mashed garlic and carrots until fine, then mixed with egg white and honey and mix until smooth, practiced every night for a week and you will feel your skin will be smooth and slick and face acne will disappear.

do you know that lemon is a good anti oxidant to face? lemon can get rid of acne, take a lemon and cut it into several parts and rub lemon to face with acne, pass this practice every day and your acne will disappear.

Betel leaves
Prepare some betel leaves and betel leaves soaked in hot water, let the leaves until wilted and when the water is cold, use betel water for washing the face, let it dry and then wash your face with soap cleanser, practice three times a day.
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