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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Things you want to know about the Federal Territory of Labuan

Federal Territory of Labuan (Wilayah Perseketuan Labuan)is an island which is administered by the federal government of Malaysia.

What is interesting in the federal territory of Labuan? Info about this island is easily accessible via The Internet, to know the history of this island click here.
I live on this island and will tell the living environment and places of interest here.

Labuan as a duty-free island
You will also be thrilled if coming here because this is a duty free island such as cars, chocolate, alcohol and perfume.

Prices are very cheap compared to the price on the mainland.

This island as the oil and gas industry
Some people here work in oil rigs near the island.

If you come on this island do not be surprised if most of the workers here wearing overoll.

Economy here have generally been monopolized by the employee coast.

Residents in Labuan
These are the original inhabitants of the island nation of Brunei Malay.

While other population groups are welcome on this island for work and most of them are not from the island, most of them come from Sarawak, Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia states.

There are also workers from Indonesia to work in the plantation sector.

In addition, residents also came from the Philippine resided on the island, they are war refugees from southern Philippine and has received help from the government of Malaysia.

Places of Interest in Labuan
Most places in the history of this place is a relic of the British government as Surrender Point, War Cemetery, Chimney at the Colliery Fields, Replica Clock Tower of 1906, Labuan Museum.

Places other than historical relics are Labuan Bird Park.

Hotel in Labuan
If you come, make reservations early because the stay at the hotel was fully booked with local tourists.

There are many hotels on this island but could not accommodate visitors during events or competitions held here.

Entertainment in Labuan
There are many entertainment centers in this place, at night the entertainment center was visited by many people.

Entertainment centers like pubs, karaoke frequented by the public, the famous pub in Labuan is like Galaxy Entertainment, Beyond 2000 and Havoc.

Most workers in pubs and karaoke servers are women from Philippine and they are a nation Tagalog.

Hire car in Labuan
When you come to this place and decided to rent a car need not worry because there are many car rental operators here.

If you are from another country or state in Malaysia came to this island by the civil aviation, two car rental companies offering a car hire place at the airport.

Car rental rates are from RM 50 to RM 200 per day depending on the type of vehicle.

Rental houses in Labuan
If you intend to settle in the island, or want to find a job here, make sure you have acquired the rental house in advance because it is very difficult to find a rental house on the island.

House prices and rental rates here does not make sense because the price is too expensive.

Home stay in Labuan
There are many home stay is in this place, the price offered is as low as RM 40 to RM 300 per night if you choose to stay with a home.

Make sure that if you come to this island and decided to stay at home stay you have to make early reservations because often home stay here always full.

Shopping complex in Labuan
There are many places you can shop here as Financial Park, Labuan Supermarket, Emporium Labuan, Labuan Store, Family Mart, one stop, Moneygain and more.

Prices of food items sold here are quite high compared to the original price because the cost of transportation.

Hopefully writing about this island can benefit you.
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