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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Main Causes And Effects Of Floods

What caused the flood? if you look at the world news, daily flood problems in some areas of the world and has killed many people and causing property damage.

Two main factors causing flooding of natural factors and human activities, flood-prone areas are low-lying areas, near rivers and near coastal areas.

Continuous Heavy Rain
During continuous heavy rainfall, rainwater will flow into low areas and rivers can not cope with large quantities of water, this causes flooding phenomenon.

Logging Irregular Maintenance
Felling of trees is not managed systematically,plant parts that are not needed thrown into the river causing the river flow is blocked, this causes flash floods.
Causes  and effects of flood

Stripping Hill
Stripping the hills widely for agricultural purposes also cause flooding, forest ecosystems and hill areas will be destroyed, causing rain water to flow directly into the river and the water level will rise.

A Kind Of Tree Planting In Large Quantities
A kind of tree planting in large quantities such as rubber, palm oil will cause flooding during rains the water will not seep into this tree and continue flowing into the river.

Less Maintenance Of Drainage
Drainage settlements or cities that are not managed properly will cause flash flood drainage eg small, shallow and when it rains the water will overflow.


Property Damage
When flooding occurred in wealth will be destroyed like cars, electrical goods, houses, livestock and so this will cause a loss in large amounts.

The risk of the spread of disease in flood-hit areas is high because the contaminated area such as water is not clean and inviting diseases such as cholera.

Contamination Of Water Supply
The water supply was contaminated areas often floods.

Food Shortage
Food supplies in the flooded area is not enough because most of their food sources such as crops have been destroyed.


Awareness Campaign
awareness campaigns should be implemented by the relevant authorities to implement the values ​​of love for the environment, this will bring awareness to the public the importance of environmental factors on human.

the authorities should carry out enforcement and monitoring of forest areas, continuous monitoring can curb illegal loggers.

Severe penalties must be imposed on illegal loggers, they will not repeat the act unlawfully.

Drainage should be monitored regularly by the authorities to ensure they are not blocked.

Appoint the contractor immediately if you encounter problems.


Weather Forecast
The meteorological department monitoring current weather conditions and inform in advance if the study predicts bad weather

Government and the public can make early preparations to face bad weather.

Food Supply
The government should keep food supplies for flood preparation or other natural disasters.

People also need to make early preparations to buy their own food supply needs.

Buying a Boat
The government should provide emergency assistance tools such as boats and other equipment in a high risk area such as placement near a river or beach.

Medical Equipment

During inclement weather prevailing medical equipment should be sufficient.
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