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Friday, February 27, 2015

Strategy To Get Money With ChurpChurp Malaysia

Do you know what is ChurpChurp? it is known by blogger and people who have Facebook and twitter accounts you can earn money part time with ads of this network, the company is owned by nuffnang, a way to get money is to share that their ads on Twitter , Facebook and blog, you earn per click advertising RM 0. 20 cents.

This is a simple strategy for getting money in churp-churp,

Add A Friend On Facebook
If you already have a facebook account, add your friends up to five thousand friends, this amount is the limit set by Facebook .

Introduce friends on Facebook about the advantages and benefits ChurpChurp, invite your friends to become members of this site .

Share  ads on your facebook page, if your friend has to know about this advert they will click on your ad and do what you do .
Strategy To Get Money With ChurpChurp Malaysia

Share On Facebook Group
Share in any group but remember most admins do not like the ads that are displayed in their group and you need to be careful .

Create Blog
You can create a blog and make quality writing so as to attract visitors to your blog if your blog has had a visitor, you can place a link ads on your blog .

If you already have a twitter account you can share your advertising link and will increase your revenue opportunities than in facebook .

Twitter is a social networking site has millions of members and as a major competitor facebook .

Do Not Violate The Terms And Conditions
You can not make ChurpChurp group and ask members to click on your ad, this act is prohibited once and you will be dealt with by them and your account will be blocked .

If you share the ad, you can not ask visitors to your blog, facebook or twitter to click the ad link by writing in the comments so click the link ad .

Even so, you can click ads fellow blog as a sign of charity to them .
Posted by mr geo Updated at: February 27, 2015


  1. gud info!
    can i know how to check my total reward??? i never have experienced cashout the money. :(

  2. Reward points can be viewed in your account. To withdraw money in Churpchurp make sure your money must exceed RM 100. You only need to press the cash out button and the brand will process your application every 30th day. they will send a check to your address in the next month. tQ


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