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Monday, February 16, 2015

Preparation & Safety Tips Before Traveling

Before you intend to go on a trip, you must know whether the tip and guide during the trip, so you always feel safe in people and not run into things that are not good and safe to return to their own homes.

Traveling good for the mind, relieve stress in the workplace and be able to see interesting places, where is the place of your dreams?

Set the destination
Before you intend to travel, set where is the place of destination, it's easy for you to find places of interest in the area.

If you intend traveling abroad make sure to select a country that is not turbulent like Afghanistan, southern Philippine, Iraq and some other countries.
Safety  tips  before  travelling

To know in detail the country's restive, you can do a search on the Internet.

At present there are many GPS gadget sold on the market, bringing GPS gadget is important to avoid getting lost in the city or forest areas.

GPS gadget has two types such as GPS for forest and GPS for walking and driving when driving

Internet search
Do a search on the Internet about the place you're going to like accommodation, taxi, restaurants, places of interest.

Know the situation in places of destination of crucial importance because it will help your journey later.

Check before you travel you have enough money to cover all expenses while traveling there

Credit card
Credit cards are very important during emergency situations such as you do not have enough money or money dropouts.

Make sure you know the taxi terminal in place and if you're going to use a taxi service make sure you ask in advance rental rates to places of destination.

Ask about rental rates before taking a taxi to avoid expensive premium rate charged.

Most taxi drivers take advantage of tourists with taxi fares high.

Make sure you have a camera before traveling for the holidays.

Clothing Accessories
You do not need to bring a many clothes when traveling, bring clothes that can only complicate your travel with carry bag filled with clothes.

Inn / Hotel
You must know where you are staying before you travel, rental rates and property location nearby places of interest.

Book early your stay as tourist areas are often filled by visitors.

If you are traveling abroad to know the location of ambassador of your country, it's easier for you if you have problems such as loss of passports, natural disasters, etc.

Tourism center
Known tourist center where you're going and make some markings places of interest

If you do not have a GPS gadget, at least you have a map of the area where you're going

Usually a map is available at the tourist center, hotel and airport.


Police station
Before you travel, do a search on the Internet where a police station in the area, notes and keep the police station phone number.

In the event of the threat of crime on yourself to make direct call to the nearest police station numbers.

Tell your family
Before you travel, make sure your family knows where you are traveling and how long you go, this is important if there are things go wrong.
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