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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Practices Healthful Living

Active brain active body, this reflects the importance of a healthy lifestyle to humans, healthy lifestyle must do every day to keep fit and healthy energetic

According to the study, people who practice a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy body and fitness.

Productivity increases when people adopt a healthy lifestyle, every individual accordingly adopt this practice.

Whether such practices?


Periodic health checks must be done every individual.Inspection is essential to ensure the good functioning of our bodies, inspection such as heart, pancreas, blood pressure, kidney, pancreas can detect early disease once knew and treated early.

Modern medical equipment currently capable of detecting dangerous to human disease

Early disease detection can save money and time to treat.
Any government or private hospital providing health screening services to each individual.

Sports activities may improve blood circulation and can sweat, this activity can nourish everyone.

Exercise is like, playing football, jogging, swimming, playing badminton, cycling, etc.

This activity can nourish the body as well as mind those who practice healthy activities to be intelligent.

Minded individuals actively intelligent and more active doing something.
Make sports activities every day to maintain health.

Each individual should eat balanced that the health of the body is maintained.

Diet such as meat, fish, grains, vegetables and so on.You can refer to the chart on how the food pyramid diet,

Someone needs to reduce fried foods and high cholesterol and high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables.

This may avoid dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure dangerous to humans.

Healthy eating will acquire healthy life without disease.

Healthy living practices should be introduced to every human being  to avoid dangerous diseases.

Ministry of Health of each country must take proactive steps to realize a prosperous life.

The media may also bring awareness to everyone the importance of a healthy lifestyle through television and newspaper.
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