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Monday, February 9, 2015

Nuffnang Review 2015

Who know Nuffnang?

This company is one of the largest advertisers in southeast Asia, their main offices located in Kuala Lumpur and has opened a branch in Singapore, Thailand and Philippine.

The company is led by two young boy named Timothy Tiah and Cheong Ming Shen at the end of May 2006.

The two friends, ever generate income through Internet such as google AdSense, and finally they had opened his own company Nuffnang.
Nuffnang  review
Nuffnang revivew 2015
The launch of the company Nuffnang
The launch of the company's advertisers have pulled thousands of blogger to register on this company and simultaneously displaying advertisements through their blog.

Now has many blogger derive income from the company's network ads.

Through my search on the Internet, big name blogger who have earned the company Nuffnang is as Beatifulnara, RedMummy and more.

Sign up to advertise on the company Nuffnang
It's easy to register on this company, if you have your own blog in and check on their website here.

When you register, you can continue to earn advertising of them to be placed on your blog.

To your knowledge of this company really pay any blogger who has obtained earning of CPUV campaign and CPC campaigns.

You need not worry about this company and I will explain to you how to earn money from their.

This kind of advertising offered by companies Nuffnang
When you register at their website you will be given three options namely banner ads Leader board, Skyscraper, Large Rectangle.

Leader board
Banner ads are usually placed at the head blog.

This banner is placed at the side of the blog.

Large Rectangle
Banner placed under blog.

Campaign CPUV
If your blog has a high traffic you are on the right track.CUPV purpose is cost per visitor or the number of visitors to your blog every day.

The number of visitors you should be more than 100 people every day and you must retain this number.

If your visitors are less than 100 people per day, may not obtain CPUV of their campaign.

CPC campaign
CPC stands for cost per click.
per-click advertising of visitors coming to your blog worth RM 0.05 cents to RM 0.50 sen

Glitterati and non Glitterati

What is the purpose? Glitterati mean you are a faithful blogger.
You do not put ads on the company's other ads network and you gain many advantages.

Non Glitterati
If you obtain this status means other than advertising has Nuffnang ads on your blog.

Payment slow compared with the  Glitterati status.

Tips to earn money from Nuffnang
My advice is to keep writing and keep writing until he obtained many visitors to your blog.

Create your own writing and the idea of not imitate the writing of others.

Writing blog must meet the criterion of the advertiser and not the Nuffnang are choosing your blog
Keep traffic to your blog for example, visitors to your blog every day about 50 CPUV and you must keep these visitors.

Wrote in a blog as mere money will fail, write sincerely and you will be successful, a proverb that says content is king!
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