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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Main Reason Of Ear Pain

What causes ear pain? Infection?How to prevent? many reasons such as illness ear infection by bacteria, fungus, sores in the ear, fever and more.

Infection in the ear will cause the ear to swell, rot and produce a foul odor, preventive measures and prompt treatment must be done to avoid worsening.

When ear infections, we will feel very sick to the teeth area, because auditory nerve connects with the jaw.


Accumulated earwax in the ear will be hard.Earwax auditory canal area will form plaques.This causes pain and reduce hearing.

Inflammation of the middle ear
when we feel earache, usually it starts from the ear, the most common cause for the inflammation of the middle ear, this may be caused by infections, ear pressure in the middle ear will swell and stretch, causing pain and decreased hearing.

Ear canal infection
Ear canal infections caused by fungi or bacteria.

This disease can occur in the ear, the skin will feel itchy, dry and scaly, it causes pain and infection.


Someone who has the infection will feel itching in the ear, the hearing will be reduced and the water will leach out of the ear.


Medication point
Ear infections can be treated using medication point, is available in pharmacies.

Olive oil
Ear wax can be diluted with olive oil or vegetable oil

If pain in the ear too sick you can take a mild paracetamol to reduce pain

Ear nose and throat specialist
Ear infection should be treated by a physician associated with the disease because they are more experienced than the usual doctor

Anti-bacterial  or anti-fungus
if your ear is infected by the fungus, anti bacterial in pharmacy or clinic

Pill or injectable antibiotics
If your ear caused by infection, antibiotic treatment should be done to prevent it from getting worse


Use a soft, clean cloth when cleaning the ears, rub gently on your ear hole.

Do not use a cotton bud because it does not help you remove earwax, if you dig earwax with a cotton bud will be pushed further into the ear and cause inflammation of the ear.

If your disease sufferer 'Eczema' make sure you do not use a cotton bud to clean up the ears for ear pain will get worse.

If you have the flu, avoid swimming because you will run into the risk of ear inflammation and infection.


In early 2014 while at work suddenly I felt very itchy ear, my ear digging by hand to relieve itching in the ear, I feel pain in your ears and humming, my head began to ache and fever.

I went to a pharmacy near my work place to buy and painkillers point, I take medication within three days but did not show signs of recovery.

My ears grew sick and out the water, I went to a clinic nearby and see the doctor, I was told by the doctor that my ears were infected and only gave me painkillers and medication point, I asked the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic, but doctors said the it is not appropriate given if you have an ear infection because it can not kill the bacteria in your ear.

I felt angry with the doctors for not giving antibiotics, a few days later my ears grew sick and I went to another clinic and met an Indian doctor, examination results over my ears, the doctor said my ears infected by fungi and gave me ear drop anti-fungal and instructed me to use it within a month.

I use of anti-fungal within two weeks and miraculously healed my ear!
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