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Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Struggled With The Disease Psoriasis

One day in early 2014 when I opened the shoes after work, I was shocked leather soles and palms with severe peeling my fingers and show allergic symptoms when exposed to soap, I asked my wife, my hands and feet suffer allergic to something, my wife recommends using a moisturizing lotion.

I use a lotion for two weeks but did not show promising results, I feel my finger nails become thicker and feel my joints feel sick.

I have been to a private hospital to get treatment and see a doctor at the hospital.

The doctor said my hands and feet suffer from allergic symptoms and gave me a medicine cream, the doctor said I had these symptoms are due to allergies to various reasons and personal items at home or in the workplace.
How to avoid psoriasis
I use the cream medication for a month but did not show signs of healing even getting worse, I worried and depressed with my disease and my problem complained to colleagues, they said my legs and arms have suffered fungal infections.

I went to a pharmacy near to where I live and get anti-fungal cream, I use this cream every day for a month, I found my fingers and toes worsened, and do not show signs of healing.

My mind is getting bogged down and depressed about my disease, I did a search on the Internet about my disease and the results, I felt my disease is psoriasis.

Caused psoriasis skin cells undergo a process of maturing faster than normal. If the regular cells take process cycle for 28 to 30 days, psoriasis skin cells also take the process cycle time from 3 to 6 days.

This causes the cells to move rapidly to the surface and cause the skin to thicken and produce scales are clearly visible, this causes the blood cells on the surface to be wide and explain the presence of this scaly patches and red and bleed easily when scratched.

This disease may arise due to allergies, stress, injury to the skin, infections, reactions to medications, reactions to some medications,alcohol consumption and smoking are among the contributing factors to this disease.

After I know my disease is psoriasis I only wear natural Dettol soap and use Daivobet ointment for treating psoriasis, I can feel a change toward healing on my legs and arms.

Apart from that I also use garlic oil with a little oil to sweep the feet, hands and nails, I put this oil to prevent the skin from drying out, my joints no longer ache and I'm trying to remain calm and avoid being depressed because of pressure between the cause psoriasis .

Some say, the tearful psoriasis treatment once were made through the laser beam to kill tissue psoriasis but so far I have yet to get such treatment.

Although psoriasis is not contagious skin contact with those who suffer from this problem, if you want to know more about this disease you can visit this website here .

I hope you and I can fight and can treat this disease and were brought to life again.
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