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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to cope with smelly feet in one week

How to cope with smelly feet? many people have this problem, What is the cause of this problem? imagine when you open your shoes, your feet stink, of course you feel inferior when faced with a situation like this.

Feet stink is caused by bacteria that are in between the toes, care and hygiene practices should be done to address this issue.

Pharmacies have different types of medication to cope with smelly feet, the effectiveness of the medication depends on the extent of your disease.

Effective way to overcome foot odor
There are several ways suggested to you to resolve this issue so that you no longer face the problem of smelly feet.

Maintaining personal hygiene may reduce foot odor .
When faced with this problem, you must increase the hygiene more than usual care .

Shower at least three times a day with antibacterial soap .

Using mouthwash
Mouthwashes like Lesterine, Baticdol, able to cope with smelly feet in the following way

Boil some water and pour it into a bowl, pour a bit of mouthwash into a basin, when hot water was a bit cold, soak your feet in a basin within thirty minutes

Make this practice every day for a week smelling foot problems will disappear.

Using cornstarch
These can overcome foot odor is caused by a fungal infection.

Apply cornstarch in between your feet every day this way can kill fungal infections and thus the problem of smelly feet will disappear.

Using a brush
Whenever the bath using a brush to brush your feet with antibacterial soap.

This method is able to cleanse and soften your feet thoroughly.

Using a medicated powder and cream
The most effective drugs for treating foot odor is to use medicated powder brand Daktarin and anti fungal cream brand Daktacoart.

Use after a shower, wash your feet in advance and apply the cream Daktacort in between your toes and apply powder Daktarin.
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