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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Get Back PMR / SPM Certificates Missing

SPM and PMR certificate is missing?dropouts? How to retrieve the cert lost?

My friend had experienced  in 2009 because he owned SPM certificate has dropped out, a few years later in 2004 he had applied for SPM certificate again.

He is slow to get the certificate as producer does not know how to get it back SPM certificate, the certificate is important as we look for work or further education.

This is procedure set by JPM (Jabatan Pelajaran Malaysia), to your knowledge of SPM and PMR certificate is only printed only once unless damaged or missing.
SPM and PMR certificate
If you lose your PMR certificate regrets education department can only issue a copy of the notice of the decision only.

If you lose the certificate, you must obtain an application form at any of Education Office or you can download the application form here..

After you get the form, you need to fill in the details of the application form and attach a copy of the police report or affidavit, you can make a police report at any police station nearby, you can get it affidavit in the nearby courts.

If you come in the center of the Department of Education (Pusat Jabatan Pelajaran Malaysia) , you do not need to get an affidavit or a copy of the police report, only need to show identity card (MyKad) as evidence.

Information affidavit or police report must contain the following particulars.

- Full name or the name you used when taking exams

- Identity card old or new

- Date of birth

- During the examination center number

- Turn-digit numbers

- Name of Examination

- Name of school

- Current year to take the exam.

- Attach a copy of the statement or certificate (if any) for reference.

Payment can be made via Postal Oder or make a payment through Postal Money Order made payable to '' PENGARAH PEPERIKSAAN '', each sheet of copy certificates applied for decision priced RM10 each piece.

If payment is made by personal checks will not be accepted, cash payments are accepted at the counter in the lobby of the Lembaga Peperiksaan Block E11, Kompleks Kerajaan Parcel E, Putrajaya.

Incomplete application forms or lack of details as described above, the examination board will not issue a copy of the statement or copy of the results.

In addition, the money will not be refunded processing.

If you have further questions, please contact the Department of Education (Jabatan Pelajaran Malaysia): 0388843526/0388843528
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